Iowa Benefits


The Family Investment Program (FIP) is an initiative by the state of IOWA that provides financial assistance to needy families in the state. The FIP program provides continual cash assistance to the needy families up until they become self-sufficient and able to meet their primary financial obligations. The FIP program also acts as an empowerment tool by providing job training and also helps its participants to find job opportunities.

Food Stamps (SNAP)

Iowa Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps, provides food assistance to deserving families in Iowa so that they can buy healthy food.


Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa is a program sponsored by the state of Iowa that provides low cost and in some instances free healthcare covers for kids from low income families. The amount of premium paid by an individual family varies depending on the income level of the company; however the maximum amount paid by a family is $40.

If you qualify for the program you are given the option of choosing from a number of selected health care service providers that has agreed to participate in the program. Some of the benefits derived from participating in the program include: eye care, mental health care and dental services.


The Iowa Low income Heat Assistance Program, commonly referred to as the “Iowa LIHEAP” is an energy assistance program that aims to subsidize the cost of energy for low-income households in the state. This program provides a onetime payment to eligible families to assist them in to settle their heating and other utility bills. Admissions to this program is on first come, first serve basis.


In effect from April 2016, IA Health link program is the name for the most Medicaid programs combined that are offered to the Iowans. According to this program, some new applicants were also added to the list of deserving people. Managed Care Organization (MCO) helps you get the best coverage available under the rules of Medicaid in Iowa.


The Iowa Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally sponsored grant program that aims to reduce the proportion of income spent on energy related utility bills by low-income families in the state of Iowa. This program targets low-income persons especially those that are disabled, elderly, and children. The program is also involved in implementing health and safety measures in the homes of beneficiaries.


The Iowa WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program provides nutritional aid to low-income residents of Iowa who meet program requirements. The program covers pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women along with infants and children.