Apply for LIHWAP and Say Goodbye to Your Water Bill


Have you ever stared at a water bill and wished there was a magic wand to make it disappear? Well, I don’t have a wand, but I do know something that might be just as good if your budget is tight and it’s a struggle to pay bills. Meet LIHWAP. The Low Income Household Water … Read more

WAP Aid: Streamline Your Home Energy Costs with Ease

Woman enjoying the benefits of her WAP approval

Looking at your energy bills can sometimes be a bit worrying, can’t it? You’ve worked hard, you’ve got your home set up, but those bills still creep up on you. The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) gets that, and it’s here to lend a hand, especially when times are tough. Since the ’70s, WAP has been … Read more

Stay Warm: Get Free Windows with These Government Grants

Woman sitting in her house in front of new windows

Need help getting new windows for your home without spending a lot? You’re in the right place! This guide is all about the different ways you can get help to replace old windows with new, energy-saving ones. These programs are here to help families who don’t have a lot of money, older adults, and people … Read more