Unclaimed Money & Property Locator

Ever wonder if you have lost money or property out there waiting for you? Our handy map is here to help! Just click on a state and we’ll take you straight to the official government website for lost money and property in that area.

You might find anything from forgotten bank accounts to left-behind security deposits. It’s simple, safe, and you never know what you might discover. Start your search now and find out if you have unclaimed treasures!

Just TAP on your state to begin your claim!

Reasons You May Have Money Waiting For You

  • Old Bank Accounts: Ever opened a bank account and forgot about it? It happens more than you think!
  • Last Paychecks: Left a job and forgot to pick up your last paycheck? It could still be out there.
  • Missed Refunds: Sometimes refunds from taxes or stores don’t reach us. Time to check!
  • Insurance Money: There might be unclaimed money from insurance policies you didn’t know about.
  • Inheritance Surprises: A relative might have left you something in their will.
  • Security Deposits: Remember that deposit for your apartment or utilities? It could be waiting for you.
  • Investment Returns: Got stocks or dividends you’ve lost track of? They could be worth something now.
  • Safe Deposit Box Contents: Left something valuable in a bank’s safe deposit box? It’s still yours to claim.
  • Uncashed Checks: Checks you never cashed, like for dividends or rebates, are still yours.
  • Matured Savings Bonds: Got old savings bonds? They might have stopped growing but are ready to be cashed.