About Us

Have you ever tried to apply for government benefits and found the process frustrating or confusing?

You’re not alone. In fact, most people face challenges when trying to get help that they are rightfully entitled to when it comes to paying for utilities, buying nutritional food, finding affordable housing, and taking care of your children.

We’re Here to Help Simplify the Process

Our team consists of individuals from many walks of life who have firsthand experience with the challenges of (and benefits from!) applying for government benefits.

Photo of Benefits Application office staff researching benefit programs

We understand how tricky and overwhelming this process can be—especially when you need help the most!

But here’s the good news: After helping hundreds of thousands of people just like you, we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’re here to share what we can to make it easier for you to get the help you deserve!

Not a Government Agency

We are not a government agency, nor are we in any way affiliated with any local, state, or federal government bodies.

In fact, when seeking official government documents or before sharing your personal information online, we always recommend looking for “.gov” in the website URL. There are some exceptions to this, but it’s a great safeguard to make sure that you’re on an official government website.

We are a group of regular people with regular jobs and regular lives (and who face regular hardships) ourselves. Our goal is to make things easier for you by simplifying, explaining, and educating with actionable tips and useful advice!

We provide straightforward, easy-to-understand information to help you successfully apply (on your own) for the benefits you need.

Our Resources Are Always Free

We believe access to information related to public resources and benefit programs should never come with a price tag. That’s why the resources on our website are completely free.

Our website is supported by advertising and affiliate partners, and there’s no cost to you, ever.

That said, we get paid commission fees from links or ads that you click on throughout our helpful articles and guides. Read our Terms of Use to learn more.

We Protect Your Information

Protecting your private information is a top priority for us. We have rigorous safeguards in place to ensure that any data you willingly share or volunteer is secure. We use 256-bit encryption on our server to ensure the highest levels of security. For more information on how we use your data, please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Programmatic Content

Just a heads up: The information on our website is put together with a lot of care. We do our best to make it helpful and accurate for you. Government programs can change pretty often, so we can’t promise that every single detail is right all of the time. If there’s a little mix-up or something’s missing, we’re really sorry about that.

We like to tell stories in our articles as a way to clarify program rules and provide examples. We change the names, places, and details to protect people’s privacy. Sometimes, the stories are fictional, but they help explain things better and give you a clearer idea of how your benefit works. We’re all about making the information helpful and easy to understand.

Also, some of the content on our site is created using advanced AI tools. This helps us keep up with the latest information and present it in an engaging way. While we strive for accuracy, remember that AI-generated content might not always have the full context or most recent updates. It’s a good idea to verify with official sources for the most current information.

Our Promise to You

At the heart of our service is a simple promise: We’ll do our best to inform and educate you about the government programs that can benefit you the most. Our team works tirelessly to research and update information about various government programs.

And when we find one we think may help, we’ll let you know about it through our website or our newsletter!