Iowa Medicaid Application Information

There are three corresponding programs that provide you Medicaid services: Medicaid Fee for Service (FFS), Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (Hawk-i) and IA Health link. Each one of these programs continues to provide health care services to a certain group of people; and it covers kids under age 1, children from age 1 to 6, children from 6 to 18 years old, pregnant women, aged, blind and people with certain disabilities. The State of Iowa also provides health care benefits to American Indians and Alaskan Natives. To read more about the programs available, click here.

Hawk-I is a program that specifically provides health care programs for the kids and children under age 18. To get your kid covered, low-income families can pay as low as $40/month or don't play at all. To get the complete details about the Hawk-I, you can click here.

Eligibility Requirements

To be able to qualify for the Medicaid in Iowa, you need to meet certain income requirements and some specific eligibility requirements. Below are the general requirements:

  • Kid below age 21
  • A parent who have a child under 18
  • Pregnant Woman
  • Women suffering from breast or cervical cancer
  • Senior Citizen (Age 65 or older)
  • A person who is considered as a disabled according to the Social Security standards
  • An adult whose income is either at or below FPL.
  • U.S citizen and IOWA Resident may also apply

For further details about the eligibility, you can visit this web page.

Medicaid Application Instructions

Apply Online: To apply for the Medicaid of your child, you need to sign up an account on the official portal of Hawk-I. You can click on this link, and it will redirect you to the sign-up page.

Apply in Person: To apply in person, you need to download this PDF Document and submit it to a local Counselor. You can get a complete detail or locate a Counselor nearby by calling this number 1-855-889-7985.

You will have to provide your social security numbers, Income information including your Employer information and any medical insurance offered to you by the Employer.