Louisiana Benefits


The Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program, or FITAP for short, is a state of Louisiana program that assists needy families with children financially. The program aims at enabling families to take good care of their children regardless of their income levels.

Food Stamps (SNAP)

Louisiana Food Stamps is state's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It provides aid to low-income residents of Louisiana so that they can buy food and live a healthy life.


LaCHIP or Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program provides children from families who cannot afford health insurance with a comprehensive health cover. LaCHIP is tailored for families whose relatively higher income disqualifies them from receiving Medicaid. It is operated under the Department of Health and Hospitals.


After realizing the importance of energy as a basic human need, the state of Louisiana introduced the Louisiana Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program aimed at helping low income families meet their energy costs. This program provides monthly benefits to members to assist them meet their utility bills. In the dispensation of its services the Louisiana LIHEAP program gives special considerations to the elderly, disabled, families with children and those households that have the greatest energy consumption.


Louisiana Medicaid provides health coverage to needy individuals and families in the State of Louisiana. Medicaid is established in all states in the US with different requirements per state but the program generally controlled by the federal government. In Louisiana, Medicaid is under the Department of Health and Hospitals.


Healthy and well kids in Iowa are a program sponsored by the state of Iowa that provides low cost and in some instances free healthcare covers for kids from low income families. The amount of premium paid by an individual family varies depending on the income level of the company; however the maximum amount paid by a family is $40.

If you qualify for the program you are given the option of choosing from a number of selected health care service providers that has agreed to participate in the program. Some of the benefits derived from participating in the program include: eye care, mental health care and dental services.


The Louisiana Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is an initiative by the US federal government that helps low-income families in the state to implement energy efficiency measures in their homes. This measure helps to reduce the proportion of income spent on energy related utilities and thus helps to complement other energy assistance programs such as the Louisiana LIHEAP.


Louisiana WIC program is for low-income women, child, and infants. The program provides number of nutrition benefits and services to participants if they are at a nutritional risk.