Kansas Benefits

Food Stamps (SNAP)

Kansas Food Assistance Program, also known as Food Stamps, is Kansas's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The program provides healthy diet and education tot the residents of Kansas, who meet program requirements.


Kansas Healthwave is an insurance plan designed for children, pregnant women, adult parents, caregivers of the low-income households of Kansas. In some cases, even parents from below-the-poverty-level households are eligible for medical services. Kansa Healthwave applies to some Medicaid and all SCHIP recipients through the Children's Mercy Family Partners and UniCare Health Plan of Kansas, Inc.


The Kansas Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program that provides energy assistance to low income families in the state of Kansas. This program assists eligible members by paying part of their home energy costs. The level and amount of benefits given to individual applicants of the program depends on the type of dwellings, number of individuals in that particular household and the type of heating fuel.


Kansas Medicaid is the official medical service program of the state for its low-income residents. Qualified children and their caretakers, pregnant women, disabled persons, legally blind and individuals who are 65 years above can avail of health services from accredited Medicaid partners.


Kansas Unemployment Insurance (UI) program offers financial benefits of temporary nature for qualified unemployed workers. The program primarily requires that you have lost your employment through no fault of your own, you are able and willing to work and search for work actively. The program benefits are not retroactive which means eligible unemployed workers should file a claim at the earliest. The amount of benefits one can qualify to receive through UI depends on number of factors including wages earned with the previous employer. The UI program distributes these benefits through an electronic prepaid card system issued by the Bank of America. This electronic system provides better security and adds more convenience when accessing your benefits. Card holders can get access to their benefits at any point of sale terminal, banks, credit unions, and ATMs. The card can also be used to pay utility bills or cash for purchases completed online or in a local store. One can access benefits using card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To file a claim you will need to provide personal information along with information about employment history and wages. You can file a claim online for UI benefits in Kansas just like other U.S. states.


The Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a program that is designed to reduce the energy utilization of low-income families by implementing energy efficiency measures in their homes. This program improves energy efficiency of low-income families by ensuring that their homes is able to conserve heat by keeping hot and cold air out. Some of the measures taken to ensure energy efficiency by the Kansas WAP include: repair and replacement of heating system, installation of insulation and caulking.


Kansas WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program for women, children and infants living in Kansas and at a nutritional risk.