Kansas Unemployment Application Information

Kansas Unemployment Insurance (UI) program offers financial benefits of temporary nature for qualified unemployed workers. The program primarily requires that you have lost your employment through no fault of your own, you are able and willing to work and search for work actively. The program benefits are not retroactive which means eligible unemployed workers should file a claim at the earliest. The amount of benefits one can qualify to receive through UI depends on number of factors including wages earned with the previous employer. The UI program distributes these benefits through an electronic prepaid card system issued by the Bank of America. This electronic system provides better security and adds more convenience when accessing your benefits. Card holders can get access to their benefits at any point of sale terminal, banks, credit unions, and ATMs. The card can also be used to pay utility bills or cash for purchases completed online or in a local store. One can access benefits using card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To file a claim you will need to provide personal information along with information about employment history and wages. You can file a claim online for UI benefits in Kansas just like other U.S. states.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting Help with UI Benefits Application

If you have queries about unemployment benefits or the application process, you should read Frequently Asked Questions as your query may already have an answer there.

In case you don't find answer to your queries in FAQ, you can contact Unemployment Contact Center by dialing one of the following numbers.

- Topeka: (785) 575-1640

- Kansas City: (913) 596-3500

- Wichita: (316) 383-9947

- Toll-free: (800) 292-6333

- TTY for hearing or speech disabled: (800) 766-3777

- Fax: 785-296-3249

Manage Your UI Benefits Online

You can manage your UI benefits online by simply visiting this page. Read the privacy policy at this page and click Continue from bottom to proceed to page where you will be able to login and see your claim status information.

Learn More about Unemployment Benefits in Kansas

You can learn more about Unemployment Insurance benefits by visiting GetKansasBenefit website. You can also drop an email to KDOL.Communications@ks.gov. To read more about UI benefits visit this page.

Unemployment Application Instructions

Applying for UI benefits in Kansas is easy. You can file your claim online or by phone. Follow the steps below to file your claim using online system.

- Prepare to file for UI claim by going through checklist found in this document. You will require a PDF viewer to view this document. You can download necessary software to view PDF file from Adobe website.

- Complete application for UI claim by visiting Get Kansas Benefits website. Read instructions and proceed to the application.

- Once you have completed your application for UI benefits, click 'Submit Claim' and wait for the next page to display. Print this page and keep it safe for your record. If you close your application or browser before seeing this page, your claim will not be processed.

You can file your claim online at any time. This system is available 24/7, even on holidays.