Nevada Benefits

Food Stamps (SNAP)

Nevada Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low-income families living in the state of Nevada to buy nutritional food. The program is only available to families meeting financial requirements. Eligible families can apply online or send their applications through mail. For more information on SNAP program in state of Nevada, you can call Nevada Department of Human Resources.


Nevada Energy Assistance Program (EAP) helps low-income households so that they can pay their high costs of home energy. Households will only receive benefits through EAP if they meet program requirements.


Nevada Medicaid provides assistance to low-income individuals and families who can't afford private insurance. The program aims to cover most of the medical costs for elderly, disabled, and low income individuals living in the state of Nevada.

Nevada Check Up (SCHIP)

Nevada Check Up (SCHIP) provides health insurance for children from low-income families. The program provides comprehensive health services to eligible children from birth until they have reached the age of 18 years. Children applying for Nevada Check Up (SCHIP) should not have any other medical insurance, including Medicaid.


In Nevada, residents who meet specific requirements can receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. These benefits are available for individuals in the state who are unable to work because of a disability.


Nevada's TANF program includes more than monthly cash—it's about preparing families for the workforce. With job training, counseling, and help finding work, it's geared towards helping adults become self-sufficient. The ultimate goal is to ensure families can support themselves without needing ongoing assistance.


Nevada's TEFAP, backed by USDA funding, provides food assistance to those in need, delivering nutritious food items to individuals and families through a network of local agencies. This program is a key part of Nevada's strategy to address food insecurity and support the well-being of its residents.


Nevada Unemployment Insurance (UI) provides comprehensive insurance programs to certain unemployed workers in the state of Nevada. Unemployed workers looking to receive UI benefits will have to meet program eligibility requirements. Eligible workers can apply for benefits online as well as in person.

Veterans Disability

Veterans Disability Benefits are given to Nevada veterans who have been injured or developed a medical condition during their active military service. Disability compensation is one of the many benefits available to veterans. Nevada veterans can also take advantage of education and training programs, Dependents and Survivor Benefits, VA Pension, and much more.


The Nevada Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a federally funded program designed to assist low-income households in the state of Nevada to lower their energy related utility costs. The program achieves this by implementing energy efficiency measures in the homes of participating households. These energy efficiency measures are based on computerized energy audits and are unique for each home.


The Nevada WIC program is a federal government sponsored program that provides nutritious foods, nutrition education, health care referrals and other social services at no cost, to women, infants and children in the state of Nevada. The program serves low-income: pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children.