Nevada Medicaid Application Information

Nevada Medicaid program aims to provide health insurance to residents of Nevada who are without insurance and are elderly, or have very low income to afford a private insurance. Families living with dependent children under the age of 19 will also qualify to receive Medicaid benefits if they have low income and low resources.

Medicaid program covers different categories of residents of Nevada. Families with low income, individuals with financial problems, disabled, pregnant women and families taking care of children under 19 can all qualify for the program. However, individuals and families will have to meet certain income related criteria before they can qualify. The best way to know if you qualify for the program or not is to apply for the program.

Medicaid beneficiaries will be able to avail various benefits through insurance program provided by Medicaid. Regular doctor visits, dental and vision services, mental health related services, prescription drugs, transportation and nursing services are major benefits of the program. The program also provides benefits for people with special needs through Waiver Programs.

Individuals looking to apply for the program will have to download application form from Nevada Medicaid website. It is also possible to get application by visiting Welfare office in person. Once an applicant has submitted the application and provided necessary documents along with it, it will take up to 45 days to get an answer about the approval. Applicants can track their application through Nevada Medicaid website or by calling the Medicaid helpline.

Available Benefits

Nevada Medicaid provides various benefits including doctor's visits, dental and vision care, mental health and related services, birth control, special health services during pregnancy, family planning, emergency services,. Medical equipment, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, immunization, lab tests, transportation, nursing, speech and hearing services, and other services through Waiver program.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for Nevada Medicaid, you will be required to provide your financial status. If your financial status is judged to be within the eligibility limits of the program i.e. financially needy, you will be enrolled in the program.

Children, families with low income, disabled, pregnant women, and persons above the age of 65 will usually qualify once they meet income eligibility. Children can also qualify for Medicaid program after they prove to be within the income limits for the program.

Division of Welfare and Supportive Services caseworker will evaluate your eligibility after getting information from you. The caseworker will work with you and independently, as needed, to evaluate your case and eligibility.

Disabled children living in home and people living in nursing homes have some special rules of eligibility. These rules are meant to provide certain relaxation to applicants in these categories.

In order to go through smoothly with the eligibility determination, you should inform the provider about your health insurance, if you have any. You will also be required to inform provider about any health insurance you had in the last five months.

If you have insurance, you will be to receive Medicaid benefits in most cases. However, the program will require your insurance to pay medical expenses first. It will pay what is left after your primary insurance program has paid. Usually, Nevada Medicaid will only be paying half of the amount in case you have another insurance but meet all the requirements and qualify for Medicaid program.

You will be required to be a resident of state of Nevada and a U.S citizen. Legal aliens, asylees, and certain types of immigrants can also qualify for the Nevada Medicaid.

Waiver Programs

Nevada Medicaid provides certain Waiver Programs to enroll individuals with special needs. In order to qualify for Waiver programs, individuals will have to provide a proof of their special needs.

Nevada Medicaid pays for support and services to make it easy for people with special needs to continue living in their homes and community. These services include adult day care, family support, homemaker services, emergency services, day treatment center, group home, transportation for places other than doctor's office, and services to help you hang on to your job.

Difference between Nevada Medicaid and Nevada Medicare

Although many people confuse these two programs easily, it is important that you know the difference so that you can apply to the right program.

Nevada Medicaid relies on financial need of residents of Nevada in order to determine their eligibility for the program. Only those who are financially in need will get insurance cover through Medicaid.

On the other hand, Medicare provides health services to almost everyone who has disability or is above the age of 65 years.

Medicaid Application Instructions

To apply for Nevada Medicaid, you will need to download application, complete it, and send it to Welfare Office or hand it over at your local Welfare Office. You can also mail application. Here is how to get the application form:

Once you have the application form, you will have to complete it and attach proof of your income and other documents supporting your credentials. You will be required to provide details about persons living in your household.

After you have submitted your application, you will be informed within 45 days of the decision. If you qualify for the program, you will be get insurance from the month you applied for the program.

If you application is rejected due to financial requirements, you can apply whenever you meet the financial requirements. In case, you application was rejected due to another reason (not providing supporting documents etc), you can apply again at any time you like.