Montana Benefits

Food Stamps (SNAP)

Montana Food Stamps Program, which is also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is a government benefit program provided monthly to low income or disabled people. It assists them buy food for little or no cost at all. Program beneficiaries can use the allocated monthly benefits to pay for food, fruits, vegetables and seeds that produce edible food. SNAP benefits must be applied for at the designated state locations.

Healthy Montana Kids (HMK)

The Healthy Montana Kids plan is a state sponsored program that is designed to provide free or low cost health coverage to children below 19 years of age. This program targets children whose families cannot afford private health covers, and provides services such as medical, dental, and eye care. Eligibility to this program is based on such factors as residence and level of family income.


Low-income residents of state of state on Montana can receive financial help to pay their energy bills through Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). The program is funded by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).


The Montana MEDICAID program is an initiative by the state of Montana and the US federal government. The program aims to provide health care services those residents of Montana who are not able to afford private medical care. The program provides health care benefits such as: doctor visits, eye care, dental care, medical prescriptions, outpatient services and many other health care services to its members.


Disabled Montana residents who are unable to work due to their condition should apply for SSDI. Eligible applicants can receive financial assistance to help pay for basic necessities.


Montana's TANF program goes beyond just cash help—it's about giving families the tools to stand on their own. This program offers job training, education, and work opportunities. It's all about helping parents and caretakers get the skills they need for jobs that can support their families, aiming for a future where they no longer need assistance.


Montana's TEFAP, funded by the USDA, offers more than just emergency food assistance; it's a support system for families in need. This program provides nutritious food items directly to families and through local food banks, ensuring those who are having financial difficulties can access healthy meals. It's part of a broader effort to combat hunger and provide stability to Montana families.


Montana Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division provides temporary financial assistance for workers if they have lost their job or work hours without a fault of their own. This assistance is temporary and only provides partial financial support. To receive UI benefits in Montana you will need to file weekly claim and job search report. You can file your initial and subsequent weekly claims through an easy-to-use online system. The amount of benefits you receive will be determined based after you apply for benefits. However, you can check estimated amount using this online calculator.

Veterans Disability

In Montana, Veterans Disability Benefits are available to veterans who have received injuries or developed a medical condition during their active military service. These financial benefits are part of the comprehensive support system for our military veterans. Beyond disability compensation, Montana veterans can benefit from comprehensive healthcare services, education and training programs, VetSuccess on Campus, and much more.


The Montana Weatherization Assistance program is a federally funded program that aims to encourage energy efficiency among low-income households in the state of Montana. By implementing energy efficiency measures the Montana Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is able to reduce the energy consumption rates of these household and thus help reduce their proportion of income used to settle energy related utility bills. As a result, this program helps to complement other energy related programs such as LIHEAP.


The Women Infants and Children (WIC) program is a supplemental nutrition program that provides nutrition information, healthy food and referrals to health and social services to women, infants and children. In Montana, the program provides children with adequate nutrition during their early childhood development. The program is also available to pregnant women and breastfeeding women. In order for you to be eligible, you must meet the economic guidelines that have been set by the state. Also a health professional must make a recommendation for services indicating that the health of the mother or that of a child is at risk.