District Of Columbia Benefits

Healthy Family Insurance (SCHIP)

SCHIP is an initiative by the District of Columbia and the U.S federal government which aims to provide health insurance to needy families in the state of Columbia. The DC healthy Family Insurance program provides health coverage to children, pregnant women, and adolescents under the age of 19 who reside on their own other individuals who meet the specified eligibility requirements.

Higher Education Financial Services - DC Tuition Assistance Program (DCAS & DTAG)

The DC higher education financial service is a state program that offers tuition fee assistance and scholarships for residents of DC. Programs and services offered by the higher education financial services include: the DC adoption scholarship program and the D.C tuition assistance program. The tuition assistance program offered by the Higher Education Financial services help undergraduate students to pay out of state college tuition fees, while the adoption scholarships offers grants and awards to adopted children in D.C.