Shocking SNAP Finds: 😳 11 Items You Can Actually Buy with SNAP Benefits

Think SNAP is just for everyday items like milk, bread, and vegetables? Think again!

SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is full of surprises. It covers a bunch of unexpected items that go way beyond basic groceries. We’re not just talking about essentials here. There are cool things like gourmet foods, energy drinks, and even plants for your garden.

Surprising foods to buy with SNAP benefits

It’s pretty exciting to discover the variety of things you can buy with SNAP benefits. This list of 10 items will show you just how much SNAP can do. It’s not only about filling your pantry with staples; it’s about giving you more choices for your shopping list. So, let’s check out these surprising SNAP-eligible items that are waiting for you at the store!

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  1. Energy Drinks – A Jolt of Surprise! Yes, you read that right! Energy drinks that come with a nutrition facts label (not a supplement label) are eligible for purchase. This includes many popular brands you see on shelves.
  2. Live Seafood – From the Tank to Your Table Craving lobster or crab? SNAP benefits cover live seafood. While considered a luxury by many, these items are indeed SNAP-eligible.
  3. Bakery Indulgences – Sweeten the Deal Cakes and pastries from the bakery section are on the list too. Though SNAP aims to encourage nutritious purchases, it doesn’t exclude these sweet treats.
  4. Gourmet Items – Fancy, Yet Affordable There’s no price cap on quality with SNAP. This means gourmet cheeses, expensive cuts of meat, and other high-end foods are fair game.
  5. Organic Choices – For the Health-Conscious Shopper Organic produce, often pricier than non-organic, is fully SNAP-eligible. It’s a green light for those who prefer organic for health or environmental reasons.
  6. Edible Pumpkins – Not Just for Carving! If it’s food, it’s covered. Edible pumpkins, often associated with Halloween decor, fall under SNAP benefits, too.
  7. Special Diet Staples – Inclusive Shopping Gluten-free, lactose-free, and other special diet foods are included. This reflects SNAP’s understanding of diverse dietary needs.
  8. Spices and Herbs – Flavorful and SNAP-Approved While they don’t directly nourish, herbs and spices used in cooking are eligible, adding flavor to your SNAP-funded meals.
  9. Grow-Your-Own – Seeds and Plants You can use SNAP to buy seeds and plants that produce food. This includes anything from tomato plants to herb gardens, encouraging sustainable food sources.
  10. Water and Ice – Essentials Covered Bottled water and ice, essential for hydration and food preservation, can be purchased with SNAP benefits.
  11. Deli Counter Surprises – More Than Just Sandwich Meat! Bet you didn’t know this: SNAP benefits extend to select items at the deli counter! This includes prepared salads, rotisserie chicken, and even some ready-to-eat meals. As long as they’re not hot at the point of sale, these convenient deli delights are fair game for SNAP shoppers. This is especially handy for those busy days when cooking just isn’t in the cards. With SNAP, you can still enjoy a variety of fresh, ready-to-eat options without breaking the bank.

To Wrap It Up The SNAP program offers more flexibility than many realize, extending beyond basic necessities to cover a range of food-related items, including those for special diets and even some non-nutritious but essential products. This list may surprise you, but it’s all part of SNAP’s mission to provide diverse food options to its beneficiaries. As always, check with local authorities for the most current information and any exceptions.

Happy shopping and here’s to making the most of your SNAP benefits!