South Dakota Medicaid Application Information

South Dakota Medicaid is available for the needy individuals living in the state of South Dakota. The program provides basic health care and medical assistance and therefore helps South Dakotans stay healthy and free from disease.

The Medicaid program is funded by the federal government but the state government also provides funds to support the program. Unfortunately, the state of South Dakota hasn't accepted Medicaid expansion under the federal laws. As a result, 59,000 people are missing out on possible Medicaid benefits. In addition to this, nearly 13,000 people living in South Dakota could have received Medicaid benefits if the state had accepted the expansion.

South Dakota Medicaid provides various benefits to qualified applicants. These may include hospital services, doctor visits, prescription drugs, nursing home facility, early screening, laboratory services, medical transportation services, and other medical and health care services.

If you are living in South Dakota and you need medical assistance or health care benefits, you should apply for Medicaid. You will need to check your household income against the FPL guidelines to see if you qualify for these benefits. In most cases, low income households will qualify for Medicaid benefits and services.

Applying for Medicaid in South Dakota is easy. You can file an application for enrollment online using the HealthCare website. Alternatively, you can call at HealthCare phoneline to apply via phone. If you live near a local DHS office, you can start the application by visiting the office in person.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive Medicaid benefits in South Dakota, individuals need to meet certain eligibility guidelines. The following categories will qualify for Medicaid as long as they are needy and meet income guidelines for the program.

- Children between age 0 and 1: Household income up to 182% of FPL

- Children between age 1 and 5: Household income up to 182% of FPL.

- Children between age 6 and 18: Household income up to 182% of FPL.

- Pregnant women: Household income up to 133% of FPL.

- Adults such as eligible parents and caretakers: Household income up to 57% of FPL.

Medicaid Application Instructions

Applying for Medicaid benefits in South Dakota is easy. You can use any of the following methods to initiate an application for benefits.

Apply online

The easiest way to apply for Medicaid benefits in South Dakota is to complete an application online. Visit this link to start your application now.

Apply by mail or fax

You can also apply for South Dakota Medicaid benefits by sending your application to Department of Social Services office via mail or fax. You can download an application form here. Print the form and fill it with all the required details.

Make sure you provide accurate personal and financial information in the application form.

If you cannot download an application online for some reason, you can request an application form to be mailed to you. Call at 1-800-305-3064 and ask them to send you an application form for the category you want to apply.