Minnesota Medicaid Application Information

Medicaid or Medical Assistance in Minnesota provides basic and free health coverage and numerous medical benefits to needy individuals who cannot afford private medical insurance. Minnesota has already accepted the Medicaid expansion and therefore the state provides benefits to additional 154,869 people with a decrease of 39% in the rate of uninsured individuals in the state.

Minnesota Medicaid determines applicant eligibility before issuing benefits to applicants. If an applicant meets the eligibility, only then the benefits will be issued.

Applicants will also need to meet financial eligibility guidelines in addition to general eligibility. The program offers coverage to households with income up to 200% of the FPL. However, free coverage is only available to adults if the household income doesn't exceed 138% of the FPL. For needy infants, free coverage is available for household income up to 283% of the FPL.

To receive Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid), individuals will need to submit an application. The application form can be obtained from a local County Human Services office. You can also download and print the application form.

For more information about the program, eligibility guidelines, or application, call 855-366-7873 or visit your nearest HSS office. Use this office locator tool to find a local office in your area.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are living in Minnesota and you need medical assistance due to having low-income, you can apply for Medicaid or Medical Assistance (MA). If you meet the eligibility guidelines, you will start receiving the benefits according to the category in which you enroll for benefits.

In order to know if you qualify for the program, the best way is to submit an application. However, you can look at the overview of criteria before applying for the program to get an idea if you can enroll in one of the Medicaid categories.

Usually, you will qualify for Medicaid in Minnesota if you meet one of the following criteria.

- Adults: Adult individuals living in Minnesota and requiring medical assistance can receive benefits through Medicaid program if they have household income up to 278% of the FPL.

- Infants: Infants can also qualify for Medicaid if they have household income under 283% of the FPL.

- Children: Children can also qualify for Medicaid benefits if they have household income below 275% of the FPL.

- Pregnant woman: Pregnant women will qualify for benefits through Medicaid program if they have household income up to 278% of the FPL.

For more information about Medicaid or Medical Assistance eligibility guidelines, visit this page.

Medicaid Application Instructions

If you meet the eligibility guidelines and you want to apply for Medical Assistance in Minnesota, follow a method of your choice below.

Apply online

You can submit an application for Medicaid online in Minnesota. Follow the instructions below to start your application. It only takes a few minutes.

- Visit MNsure tool. This website is run by your state and it offers an easy application process for Medicaid.

- When you have opened the website in your browser, create an account with MNsure. If you already have an account, use it to sign in to the platform.

- Now look for Medicaid benefits or Medical Assistance application.

- Open the application and follow instructions to complete it.

Apply by downloading the application

You can also download the application, fill it at your spare time, and apply by sending to Human Services department through mail. You can download a paper application from this link.

Apply in person

You can also apply for Medical Assistance in Minnesota by visiting a local county Human Services office. If you have a Tribal Heath Care office in your area, go there to apply in person for Medicaid.

Use this tool to locate a local Human Services office near you. You can also get contact information for your local office.

For further assistance with Medicaid application, benefits information, or eligibility determination, call 855-366-7873.