Veterans Disability Benefits in Washington

Washington, known for its beautiful evergreen forests and bustling tech industry, is proud to be home to more than 500,000 brave veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) acknowledges these heroes by providing a range of benefits and services specially designed to assist them in their post-military lives.

One key program is the Veterans Disability program. It provides monthly financial compensation to Washington veterans who have disabilities linked to their service in the military.

Understanding the VA Disability Program

To evaluate the severity of a veteran's disability, the VA uses a rating system. This system gives each disability a score between 10% and 100% showing how severe it is. The amount of money a veteran can receive each month depends on this rating.

A Compensation & Pension (C&P) examination is usually required. This VA exam helps the VA measure the disability and determine the rating.

For veterans dealing with multiple disabilities, the VA gives each one a rating based on their Schedule for Rating Disabilities. Then they add all the scores together to give the veteran a single, overall rating.

Eligibility Guidelines for VA Disability Benefits

Before Washington veterans can qualify for VA benefits, they must satisfy several requirements.

Both of these must be true:

  • You have an existing condition, either physical or mental, that impacts your health, and
  • Your service history includes active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training.

And, at least one of the following must be true:

  • You incurred an injury or sickness during your military service that can be connected to your current condition. This is known as an in-service disability claim.

  • An existing injury or illness from before your military service worsened due to your service — called a pre-service disability claim, or
  • You have a disability that is associated with your active-duty service but it only manifested after your service ended. This is known as a post-service disability claim.

To qualify for VA disability benefits, you need to show that your health problem is related to your military service.

Your military discharge status can also affect your eligibility for benefits. If you were discharged in a general or honorable way, you can typically access most VA benefits. But if your discharge was less than honorable, you might not be eligible.

Applying for VA Disability in Washington

To file a claim, gather all your documentation, such as medical records, military reports, and your DD214 form that shows you served in the military. If you have any letters or statements from people that link your disability to your service, that can make your case stronger.

To apply for disability benefits, visit and click on "Sign in to start your application." Then follow the instructions to finish your application.

Click here to file a VA Disability claim.

Need help? Call the VA benefits hotline: 800-827-1000

You can also mail your application or apply at a VA office in person.

To apply by mail, download and fill out the Veterans Application for Compensation and/or Pension (VA Form 21-526EZ), and mail it to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Claims Intake Center
PO Box 4444
Janesville, WI 53547-4444

To apply in person, visit your local Washington VA office. Veterans service officers are there to help if you need assistance.

After submitting your claim, there's nothing left to do but wait. Usually, the VA takes about 3-6 months to make a decision on a claim, depending on your situation. This can change based on each person's situation, so it's good to be patient and be ready to wait.

Appealing a Denial

If your VA disability claim is turned down, you can appeal the decision. To win your challenge, you need to prove that your disability is directly related to your military service.

Submit a Notice of Disagreement form within one year from the date of your denial notice. Include your medical records, relevant papers, and any statements that connect your disability to your military service.

While it is not mandatory to have an attorney when appealing a VA disability claim decision, having one may be beneficial. An experienced attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence, prepare your case, navigate the legal system, and argue on your behalf.

Some veterans choose to handle their appeal by themselves or with the help of a Veterans Service Officer (VSO), while others prefer the expertise that an attorney can bring to their case. If you decide to hire an attorney, you should look for someone who specializes in veterans' law and has experience with VA disability appeals.

More VA Benefits Available to Washington Veterans

In addition to disability benefits, the VA provides many more benefits to eligible veterans.

Washington veterans can access these additional VA benefits:

  • Health Care
  • VA Life Insurance
  • VA Pension
  • VetSuccess on Campus
  • Education and Training
  • VA Burial Benefits
  • VA Loans
  • Dependents and Survivor Benefits

These VA benefits provide valuable assistance to veterans who have bravely served our country. In addition to disability compensation, important benefits like health care, life insurance, and job training help veterans transition to civilian life.

VA Disability benefits are available for Washington veterans who have disabilities linked to their military service. If you're dealing with health problems because of your time in military service, get in touch with the VA and apply for disability benefits as soon as possible.

Washington — VA Office Locations

Veterans Benefits Administration

Name Address Phone Number
Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center 77 Wainwright Drive Walla Walla, WA 99362 509-525-5200
Bellingham Vet Center 3800 Byron Ave Suite 124 Bellingham, WA 98229 360-733-9226
Everett Vet Center 1010 SE Everett Mall Way Suite 207 Everett, WA 98208 425-252-9701
Federal Way Vet Center 32020 32nd Ave South Suite 110 Federal Way, WA 98001 253-838-3090
Lacey Vet Center Outstation 4232 6th Ave SE Lacey, WA 98503 253-226-7073
Seattle Vet Center 305 S. Lucile St. Seattle, WA 98108 206-764-5130
Spokane Vet Center 13109 E Mirabeau Parkway Spokane, WA 99216 509-444-8387
Tacoma Vet Center 4916 Center St. Suite E Tacoma, WA 98409 253-565-7038
Walla Walla Vet Center 1104 West Poplar Walla Walla, WA 99362 509-526-8387
Yakima Valley Vet Center 2119 W. Lincoln Ave Yakima, WA 98902 509-457-2736
687 77 Wainwright Drive Walla Walla, WA 99362
Yakima Valley Vet Center 2119 West Lincoln Avenue Yakima, WA 98902 509-457-2736
Seattle Regional Office 915 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98174 800-827-1000
Intake Site At Fort Lewis Waller Hall, Bldg 2140, Room 700 Fort Lewis, WA 98433
Intake Site At McChord Air Force Base Waller Hall, Bldg 2140, Room 700 Fort Lewis, WA 98433

National Cemetery Administration

Name Address Phone Number
Fort Lawton Post Cemetery Texas Way Seattle, WA 98199 425-413-9614
Fort Worden Post Cemetery 1300-1398 W St Port Townsend, WA 98368 425-413-9614
Tahoma National Cemetery 18600 SE 240th Street Kent, WA 98042-4868 425-413-9614
Vancouver Barracks National Cemetery 1455 E 4th Plain Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98663 Mailing Address: 11800 SE Mt. Scott Blvd. Portland, OR 97086 503-273-5250

Veterans Health Administration

Name Address Phone Number
VISN 20: Northwest Network 1601 4th Plain Blvd Building 17, 4th Floor, Suite 403 Vancouver, WA 98661 360-619-5925
VA Puget Sound Health Care System 1660 S. Columbian Way Seattle, WA 98108 206-762-1010
VA Puget Sound Health Care System - American Lake Division 9600 Veterans Dr Lakewood, WA 98493 253-582-8440
VA Puget Sound Health Care System - Seattle Division 1660 S. Columbian Way Seattle, WA 98108-1597 206-762-1010
Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center 4815 N. Assembly Street Spokane, WA 99205 509-434-7000
VA Portland Health Care System - Vancouver Campus 1601 E. Fourth Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98661 360-696-4061
Yakima Valley Vet Center 2119 W. Lincoln Yakima, WA 98902 509-457-2736
Mount Vernon CBOC 307 S. 13th St., Suite 200 Mount Vernon, WA 98274 360-848-8500
North Olympic Peninsula 1114 Georgiana St Port Angeles, WA 98362 360-565-7420
Richland (WA) Community Based Outpatient Clinic 825 Jadwin Ave., Ste. 250, Federal Bldg., 2nd Floor Richland, WA 99352 509-946-1020
Silverdale VA Clinic 9177 Ridgetop Boulevard NW Silverdale, WA 98383-8519 360-307-6920
South Sound CBOC 151 NE Hampe Way Chehalis, WA 98532 360-748-3049
Wenatchee CBOC 2530 Chester-Kimm Road Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-663-7615
Yakima Valley VA Clinic (Union Gap, WA) 1211 Ahtanhum Ridge Drive Union Gap, WA 98903 509-966-0199