Utah Unemployment Application Information

Utah Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides temporary and partial wage replacement for unemployed workers during each week of unemployment in Utah. Such workers should not have lost employment through a fault of their own along with meeting other eligibility requirements to receive unemployment benefits. The amount of benefits once can receive depends on wages received in base period. Claimants will need to file weekly claim after they are considered eligible after initial claim. If weekly claim is missed for any week, benefits will be lost despite being qualified during that week. UI program in Utah is administered by the Department of Workforce Services.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI claims in Utah

Filing UI benefits in Utah is easy. You can get assistance if you face issues with anything, from filing your initial claim to collecting benefits. You can contact the Unemployment Insurance Division by visiting this page. Alternatively, you can write an email to dws_uihelp@utah.gov

To report fraud, you can call 1-801-526-4400 and select option # 4. You can also report fraud online by visiting this page.

You can also visit Unemployment Centers to get assistance with UI benefits and claims in Utah.

Managing your UI benefits in Utah

Once you have filed your initial claim, you can go online and check status of your claim at any time. Visit this link to check status.

After you are accepted into UI program, you need to submit weekly claims each week of unemployment so that you can receive benefits for that week. You can submit your weekly claim here and check history of weekly claims here.

To view benefits payment and its weekly history, visit this link.

Learn more about UI program in Utah

You can visit this page to learn more about Utah Unemployment Insurance.

Unemployment Application Instructions

You can apply for UI benefits online using online UI claim system. You can also file a claim on the telephone.

To submit your claim online, you will need to provide personal and work related information in the application form. This information will include your name, address, telephone number, wages during the base period, employment history, list of employers and reason why you separated from previous employment. Once you have collected this information, simply follow these steps to file your initial claim for UI benefits in Utah.

- Visit this link to file a new claim or re-open an initial claim.

- Read the instructions on the page about completing your application. Complying with these instructions is going to help you complete the application quickly and without facing any issues.

- Click Continue at the bottom of the page once you think you are ready to complete the application. Complete the application with accurate information. Providing incorrect information in the application form will lead to fraud which has serious consequences and legal penalties.

- File weekly claim for every week that you are qualified to receive benefits. You can file your weekly claim online using this link.