Tennessee Unemployment Application Information

The Tennessee Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides financial assistance for unemployed workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own. This program is a federal program administered by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development in Tennessee. The benefits are only a partial wage replacement and temporary in nature. These benefits are available only for as long as the claimant doesn't find work again. The program is funded by the tax money paid by the employers. Claimant don't contribute to the funding of UI program.

You can apply for UI benefits in Tennessee using the online application. Alternatively, you can apply via telephone service. Your eligibility for UI program and amount of benefits you qualify to receive is determined after you apply for benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI claims in Tennessee

After you apply for UI benefits in Tennessee, you have to wait for the verification period to be over before you start receiving your benefits. All the information you provide in the application form is verified including employer and wage history during this period. After verification, a decision is made which you can appeal within 15 days of the mail date on your letter of determination.

To check the status of your claim, simply visit this link

Managing your UI benefits is easy with online services provided by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Visit this link to view your benefits and update information if needed.

After your initial claim is approved, you will need to submit weekly certification in order to receive benefits for ongoing weeks of unemployment. You can visit this link to submit your weekly claims.

Learn more about UI program in Tennessee

Visit Unemployment Insurance homepage on Department of Labor and Workforce Development website to view more details about the program. You can read frequently asked questions here.

Unemployment Application Instructions

Applying for UI benefits in Tennessee is easy. Follow these steps for starting your claim online.

  1. Initiate Your Claim Process: Begin the process by filing your claim. Before you proceed, take a moment to thoroughly review the application instructions. This step ensures that you are well-prepared before clicking the "Get Started" button to initiate your claim.

  2. Explore Employment Opportunities: Actively search for potential job opportunities both online and within your local community. This step is crucial for those seeking employment as part of the unemployment benefits process.

  3. Weekly Certification of Activities: Consistently certify your activities on a weekly basis. Respond to a set of certification questions online that pertain to your job search efforts and the earnings you have garnered during the preceding week. This regular certification is a key component for the processing of your claim.

  4. Anticipate Correspondences: Expect to receive two letters. The first letter will provide information about your potential benefit amount, offering clarity on the financial aspect of your claim. The second letter will communicate the decision made by the agency overseeing your claim.

  5. Timely Payments Hinged on Accuracy: Ensure the accuracy of your responses to the weekly certification questions, as this plays a pivotal role in facilitating the timely disbursement of payments for approved claims. Accurate and consistent reporting supports a smooth and efficient claims process.

  6. Weekly Recurrence of Steps 2 & 3: For individuals with a specified return-to-work date, the weekly routine shifts slightly. While the active job search may be temporarily halted, the focus remains on certifying for the previous week's payment. This process allows for continuity in benefits without the obligation of actively seeking new employment during specific periods.