South Dakota WAP Application Information

South Dakota Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) provides free weatherization services for all income-eligible households in South Dakota. Eligible households receive a wide variety of services that can help them to reduce their energy needs by making home more energy efficient. With high energy efficiency, the energy costs will stay low in the long run.

South Dakota WAP reduces dependency on fuel for low income households. Once a household has received WAP services, it will become energy efficient in the long run, thus helping household to save o energy bills. Qualified households will receive free weatherization services through local WAP operators.

Income-eligible households can receive number of services through South Dakota WAP. Some of these services include weather stripping of doors and windows, caulking and sealing cracks and holes in building structure, wall and attic insulation, window and glass installation, repairing and replacement of heating system, repairs necessary for protecting weatherization measures, health checklist to ensure better health, and safety measures to ensure that everyone in the household remains safe.

Weatherization services are provided to every eligible household in South Dakota until WAP funds are exhausted or all houses have been weatherized. The program heavily relies on federal funds to provide free weatherization services. The program will serve the families with children, disabled, or elderly first.

South Dakota WAP services are available for homeowners as well as renters. Renters will need to ensure that their landlord agrees to weatherization improvements. They will need to obtain a permission in written from the landlord in order to receive any of these services. Once a permission has been obtained, renters will be treated similar to homeowners for the purpose of this program. In some cases, landlord may have to make a contribution to receive weatherization services.

WAP services in South Dakota are provided through four different community action agencies. These agencies have offices in every county, which means that residents can receive information and apply for services by visiting their local office.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for South Dakota WAP services, you will need to meet eligibility requirements for the program. Here are the requirements.

  • The program is only available for residents of state of South Dakota. You will need to bring proof of residence with you when visiting your local agency for applying for South Dakota WAP. If you’re sending your application through mail, you will need to attach proof of residence with the application.

  • South Dakota WAP requires households to be income-eligible. Households will need to meet 3-month eligibility as well as annual eligibility. Here is a chart for 3-month and annual income limits according to household size.

Household Size 3-month income limit Annual income limit

1 $5,415 $22,340

2 $7,284 $30.260

3 $9,153 $38,180

4 $11,025 $46,100

5 $12,894 $54,020

6 $14,763 $61,940

7 $16,635 $69,860

8 $18,504 $77,780

9 $20,373 $85,700

10 $22,245 $93,620

WAP Application Instructions

In order to apply for South Dakota WAP, you can use any of the two options listed below:

  • Download an application for WAP here. Fill out this PDF file after printing it. You can send your completed application by mail or through fax to community action agency covering your area. You will find details on where to send the application on Page 5 of the application form.

  • Apply at community action agency covering your area. You can find contact information of the community action agency providing weatherization services in your area by visiting this page. Scroll to the end to find contact information for community action agencies.