South Carolina Unemployment Application Information

South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to unemployed workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own. The UI program aims to help these workers financially by providing a partial wage replacement throughout the period of unemployment. At the same time the program empowers such workers to find work that is suitable to their skills. There are numerous job trainings available for claimants to learn new skills and improve on the existing ones to look for better paid work. Claimants have to continually look for new work in order to receive benefits through UI program in South Carolina.

The UI program is a nationwide program that was created to fight financial crises in a way that unemployment doesn't become a financial burden. The program tries to maintain purchasing power for unemployed workers therefore helping individual households and the community on large to sustain financial burden during tough times.

The UI program doesn't receive any funding from employees. Employers fund the program through tax contributions. Claimants can be approved for UI benefits for a maximum period of 20 weeks in South Carolina.

Applying for UI benefits in South Carolina is easy through an easy-to-use online claim system. Claimants will need to meet situational and monetary requirements in order to become eligible for the program. Those qualified for UI benefits will need to file weekly claim and work-search report in order to continually receive these benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI benefits claim in South Carolina

If you need assistance with claim processing using the online MyBenefits Portal, visit this link. You can also call Telclaim by dialing 1-866-831-1724 on weekdays during the office hours.

You can also download Claimant Handbook to read about important tips for filing UI claim in South Carolina.

To meet someone in person for help with UI claims, simply visit your nearest Service Center. You can find Service Center locations here.

Managing Your UI benefits in South Carolina

To manage your benefits online in South Carolina, simply visit this link. At this page you will be able to file weekly benefits, submit work search reports, check payment status, file appeals, submit required proof of eligibility and request to stop payments in case of re-employment.

Learn more about UI benefits in South Carolina

You can visit South Carolina Department of employment and Workforce (DEW) website for UI claims. You will find all the important links and easy-to-follow guides on this page. There is also a Claim Process Review tool available on this page for first-time claimants.

Unemployment Application Instructions

You just have to follow three simple steps for Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims process. Follow the steps below to file using the internet. If you need to file using telephone, call TelClaim at 1-866-831-1724 for details.

Step 1: Complete application for initial claim

You need to complete application for initial claim so that DEW can determine your eligibility for UI benefits. You can file your initial claim through MyBenefits Portal which can be accessed here. You will need an active internet connection to visit this page and file your initial claim. In case you don't have access to the interne to or a computer, simply visit your nearest public library or a Service Center to access a computer with an active internet connection.

Step 2: Work registration

After you have filed your initial claim, you need to register for work in order to receive benefits. You can register for work by visiting SC Works Online Services. You will create your username and password when visit for the first time which you will use every time you re-visit the Works Online system.

Step 3: File weekly claim and work-search report

Once you have registered for work, you will need to file weekly claim and a weekly work-search report in order to receive benefits. You can file a weekly report by using this Earnings Worksheet and submit weekly claim using this link.