South Carolina Medicaid Application Information

SCDHHS is offering health care programs for the children, adults, pregnant women, senior citizens, blind and people with disabilities. The programs are exclusive that makes them easy to understand. Even, if you're not able to find the best program that suits your needs, apply for the program anyway. The Healthy Connections Representatives will assess your needs and will assign you with a suitable program. The available programs include:

  • Parent/Caretaker individuals
  • Pregnant women and children under age 6
  • Aged Blind of Disabled (ABD)
  • Healthy Connections Doctor Appointments
  • Specified Low-income Medicare Recipients
  • Program for Breast and cervical cancer
  • Disabled children under age 18

You can also download the PDF notebook for the detailed information about the Medicaid in South Carolina by clicking here.

Eligibility Requirements

Healthy Connections have ensured to provide Medicaid for the deserving South Carolinians as possible. There are several factors that could determine your eligibility that includes; your age, whether you're pregnant, disable, your income and assets; and whether you're a U.S Citizen and a South Carolinian. Healthy Connections encourage families or individuals to apply for the Medicaid even if they're not sure whether they're qualified. You can check the list of Coverage groups by clicking here and learn more about the programs and your eligibility.

Medicaid Application Instructions

There are more than one ways to apply for the Medicaid in South Carolina. You can choose the most convenient method and sign up.

Apply Online: You need to sign up for an account on the Citizen Portal designed by SCDHHS. Signing up might require your income information, social security numbers and other details. You can click here to sign up.

Apply in Person: You can also apply in person by visiting the local county office for SCDHHS. If you don't know where your local country office is, you can click here to locate.

Apply over Phone: You can also apply for the Medicaid by calling Healthy Connection on their customer services line 1 - (888) 549-0820. Healthy Connections Representative will help you to get all the details as well.