South Carolina HeadStart Application Information

Head Start program provides services necessary for children not ready for public school yet. The program covers low-income families so that they can educate and provide basic health services to their children.

The program is further divided into Head Start and Early Head Start program. Children from ages 3 to 5 will be included in Head Start while toddlers and infants will be considered for Early Head Start Program. Pregnant women can also qualify for Early Head Start program so that they get the program services as soon as they give birth to a baby. The program doesn't only provide social services but it also helps to educate children right from the beginning by helping pregnant women to become better educators for their expected babies.

The South Carolina Head Start program puts many responsibilities on parents since they play the role of primary educators and they have to play an active role in the administration of the program.

The program provides social services and assistance with childcare for the participating parents. The program extends its services to farm worker families as well as migrants of certain class.

The Head Start Program has income eligibility requirements but it doesn't limit services only to families meeting income eligibility. The program also provides services to children in foster care and families supporting children but facing unemployment, under-employment, or are about to be unemployed. Families receiving aid through SSI or TANF will also be able to qualify for Head Start program irrespective of their financial eligibility for the program.

In order to apply for the program, you'll be required to locate a Head Start program in your community. Since the program focuses on local administration and customizes services according to the community, it requires applicants to apply through its local centers. You can use HEAD Start program website to locate a program near you.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Resident of state of South Carolina
  • You must be a parent or a primary caregiver of a child who is too young for admission to a public school
  • Families applying for the program should have annual household income at or below Federal Poverty level. For a household with only one member, the FPL is set at $14521. For a family of two, the income limit is set at $19669 while for a family of three, the income limit is set at $24817. You can find complete chart with income limit details a family sized up to eight Here.

In case a family doesn't meet income eligibility, it can still qualify for the program if:

  • U.S national, citizen or permanent resident
  • Financial status is either low-income or very low-income
  • Parent or primary caregiver is unemployed, about to be unemployed, or Under-employed
  • Family supports children under 19 years of age
  • Families receiving TANF or SSI
  • Children in foster care are usually eligible for the program without considering financial eligibility

HeadStart Application Instructions

To apply for Head Start program, you'll need to find a Head Start program near you.

  • Find a Head Start program near you by clicking HERE and then by clicking your county or use National Head Start Locator to find locations and driving directions for program centers and grantees.
  • Obtain necessary forms from local program center. You can also inquire further about the application requirements and necessary documents from the program center.
  • Call 1 (866) 763-6481 to find more about Head Start program for your community