Rhode Island WAP Application Information

Rhode Island Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is part of the largest energy efficiency program in the country. The program provides all its services to residents of Rhode Island to ensure that low-income families can reduce their energy bills through energy efficient measures. These measures will improve energy efficiency as well as health and quality of life for low-income households.

Weatherization services provided through Rhode Island WAP help low-income families save substantial amount from energy expenditures. When an applicant applies for WAP services in Rhode Island, local WAP provider will send an auditor to perform home energy audit. Auditor will compile a report based on his/her findings, listing all the measures needed to improve energy efficiency for the home. A home will only receive these services once.

Rhode Island WAP benefits are provided throughout the year, for as long as the funds last. Priority is given to households with extremely low income and high energy costs. In addition, households with at least one disabled, elderly, or child will also receive priority for WAP services. These services are available for homeowners as well as renters. However, renters will need to obtain written permission from landlord in order to apply for WAP services in Rhode Island.

Services provided through Rhode Island WAP may include any or all of the following depending on the findings of home energy audit.

  • Air infiltration: This is achieved through energy efficiency measures such as weather stripping and caulking.

  • Insulation: Insulation of doors, windows, floor, attic, and walls using different insulation techniques.

  • Prevention of heat loss

  • Furnace and other heating equipment repairing and replacement

Most weatherization services continue to benefit household for lifetime. Some services may only benefit for 15-30 years. After receiving weatherization services, households will be able to notice noticeable change in their heating and cooling costs.

Weatherization services benefits the low-income families directly. It also helps the community through its far reaching economical, energy, and environmental benefits. The program will also reduce dependence of low-income families on energy assistance as they will be able to afford their reduced energy bills.

If you are looking to apply for the program, your household income should be within income limits as defined by the program. You can apply with your local WAP agency and receive a date for energy audit.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive WAP services in Rhode Island, you will need to meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • You should be a resident of state of Rhode Island

  • Your home energy costs should be high

  • Renters will need to obtain permission in writing from their landlords

  • Your household income should meet income guidelines

Income guidelines:

Households size Annual income limit

  1. $27,482

  2. $35,938

  3. $44,394

  4. $52,850

  5. $61,306

  6. $69,762

  7. $71,348

  8. $72,933

  9. $74,519

  10. $76,104

  11. $77,690

  12. $79,275

You can view 3 month and 1 month income limits here.

WAP Application Instructions

To apply for Rhode Island Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), you need to visit your local WAP provider. WAP services are provided through Community Action Program (CAP) agencies that have offices throughout the state. You can find your local agency office information using this link.