Oregon LIHEAP Application Information

Oregon Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides quick help through federally sponsored grants to Oregonians who fail to pay for their energy costs due to low household income. The benefits may be used for bill payment and weatherization. The program also provides energy education to the eligible households so that they can make their homes more energy efficient.

Oregon LIHEAP has served over 73,000 households in 2012 with bill payment only. The households served with weatherization assistance, energy education, heat, and case management services are in addition to these 73,000 Oregonians. The Number of households served each year depends on the total amount of funds issued by The United States Department of Health and Human Services. The program continues to serve Oregonians until the federal funds for LIHEAP are exhausted.

The local Community Action Agencies located in different areas are responsible for determining household eligibility and distributing the funds accordingly. A state plan determines the mechanism for distribution of these funds.

Benefits through Oregon LIHEAP are transferred directly to the energy company, except when a household receives grant through weatherization or emergency assistance. The qualified households will receive grants irrespective of the fact whether or not they live in their own home. Households living in rented property will have to provide their rental agreement in order to receive grants.

Households will have to meet various qualifications in addition to being income eligible in order to receive benefits through Oregon LIHEAP. To become income eligible for Oregon LIHEAP, applicants' household income should be at or below 60% of the state median income level

To apply for benefits, you can visit local community action agency office or go to local senior service agency. Both will assist you with application process.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive assistance from Oregon LIHEAP, you will have to meet the following program eligibility criteria.

  • You must be a citizen of U.S or a legal and qualified alien

  • You must reside in Oregon to receive any benefits under Oregon LIHEAP

  • You must have genuine need for help with energy costs

  • You must have household income below 60% of the state median income level

You can easily check your eligibility for Oregon LIHEAP using this pre-screening tool.

Income eligibility

Households at or below 60% state median income level will meet income eligibility for Oregon LIHEAP. Here is a chart to help you find out whether or not you qualify for the program.

Number of people in the Household Annual income limit (60% of Median)

  1. $22,138

  2. $28,950

  3. $35,762

  4. $42,574

  5. $49,386

  6. $56,198

  7. $57,475

  8. $58,752

You can view the complete income chart here.

LIHEAP Application Instructions

In order to apply for Oregon LIHEAP, you will need to visit your local Community Action Agency (CAA) office. You can also visit local Senior Service Agency for assistance with Oregon LIHEAP application process.

You can find your nearest CAA office using this link.