New York WAP Application Information

New York Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) offers various services for low-income households to help them reduce their energy costs. WAP helps eligible households with these services to make the home more energy efficient. These energy efficiency measures will also make the home a safer place to live.

WAP services may include air sealing through caulking and weather stripping, insulation (attic, wall, sealing), replacing lights with low-energy lights, water tank and pipe insulation, replacement of refrigerators, and repairing/replacement of heating system. A household may receive anyone, few, or all of these services depending on its requirements.

Households will have to go through home energy audit before they are provided any services. A qualified auditor will perform the review. The final audit report will include current energy efficiency of the home as well as measures that will make it more energy efficient. Households will receive WAP services as mentioned in the audit report.

Once a household has been weatherized, it will naturally save energy. On average, a household saves up to 20% after using weatherization services. These services are available to all income eligible households whether living in single-family units or multi-family units, and whether living in their own homes or on rented properties. However, households with elderly, disabled, and children are served first.

New York WAP contracts with number of local and community action agencies to ensure that everyone can have access to these services. These WAP agencies are present in every county, village, town, and neighborhood. To apply for the program, you will just have to locate an agency near you and apply through it.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive WAP services in New York, you will need to meet the following requirements.

  • You must be a resident of state of New York

  • You must be responsible for paying your home energy costs

  • Your household income must be within the limits decided by the program

Income eligibility

The income limits for New York WAP are set at 60% of the state median income and family size.

Household size Annual income limit

  1. $25,656

  2. $33,552

  3. $41,436

  4. $49,332

  5. $57,228

  6. $65,124

  7. $66,600

  8. $68,076

  9. $69,564

  10. $71,040

  11. $76,152

New York WAP will also consider your household income the last 3 months to make the final decision on income eligibility. You can use this link to check out complete details, including 3-month income eligibility chart.

WAP Application Instructions

In order to apply for New York WAP, you will need to contact your local WAP agency. You can find a complete list of Weatherization providers in New York using this link.

When on the page, scroll down to find a provider in your county. Click the provider and a new page will open with details. You will find physical address and phone number on that new page. Make sure that you are applying with a provider serving your area to speed up the application process.