New Jersey Food Stamps (SNAP) Application Information

The New Jersey SNAP program is a state sponsored program that aims to help low income earning families to subsidies the cost of buying food. This is achieved through the provision of food stamps which can be used to acquire basic food stuff that are essential for the nutritional enrichment of these individuals.

Eligibility to this program is subject to a specified set of eligibility requirements which are mainly centered on the income levels of the applicants. Once an applicant individual or family qualifies for the program they will receive food stamps within 30 days of the application being processed. However in cases of emergency, food stamps can be issued within a shorter period.

Some of the eligibility requirements for the program include being a resident of the state of New Jersey, a citizen of the US or a legal alien and should meet the required income eligibility provisions.

Applications can be done by:

  • Filling an online application
  • Filling a paper application
  • Seeking application assistance via phones

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the New Jersey Food Stamp program you need to meet a specified set of eligibility requirements. These requirements include:

  • You should be a resident of the state of New Jersey and a citizen of the US or a legal alien
  • You should have a current account balance of under$2001 and for those people above the age of 60 or those with disability they should have a current account balance of less than $3001
  • The applicants should have a maximum house hold income of: $14,079 for a household of one, $18,941 for a household of two, $23,802 for a household of three, $28,665 for a household of four, $33,527 for a household of five, $33,389 for a household of six, $43,251 for a household of seven $48,113 for household of 8 and an extra $4,862 for any additional number of the household.

Food Stamps Application Instructions

The first step towards being part of the New Jersey SNAP - Food Stamp program is to submit an application. There are three main avenues through which you can apply for the program, this includes:

  • Filling an online application
  • Filling a paper application
  • Seeking application assistance via phones

These three application methods vary in level of complexity and convenience. What may be convenient for one person may be complex for another; as a result you are advised to choose an application method that you are personally most comfortable with. These methods are discussed below:

Online Application

This is a convenient application method you only need to have a computer and reliable internet connections, once you have these two you can access the online application form from the comfort of your home at any time of your convenience. This method is also advantageous in the sense that, when filling out an online application any omissions or errors are immediately discovered and you are asked to make corrections before proceeding to submit the application.

You can access an online application form by following this link:

Physical/Paper Application

For those applicants who are not computer savvy, a paper application might be convenient. All one needs to do is to obtain an application form , this forms can be obtained by downloading from the following link:

You can also visit your local department of human services offices where you will find a new jersey SNAP- food stamp program representative.

By meeting a program representative you will get a chance to make enquiries concerning the application process. This might prove helpful as these representatives have a wealth of experience dealing with applications to the program.

Application Help Via Phone

If you cannot visit the department of Human Services or fill out an online application you have the option of seeking application assistance by calling the department of Human Services, through the following toll free number: 1-800-687-9512

By calling this number you will get the chance to speak to a New Jersey SNAP representative, who besides sending you an application form will guide you through the application process by giving you the necessary application advice.