New Hampshire Unemployment Application Information

New Hampshire Unemployment Insurance (UI) provides financial assistance for unemployed workers when they have lost their job or have their weekly hours reduced beyond their full weekly entitlement without a fault of their own. The UI benefits provided by the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security help such workers with temporary financial assistance. Workers are also given various opportunities to improve their interview and other job skills so that they can get back to work at the earliest. The program only offers partial financial support and shouldn't be deemed as a full replacement wage. The amount of benefits is determined based on the wages workers receive during base period.

Unemployment benefits are only available for unemployed workers who meet minimum requirements for the program. A worker must be unemployed or have reduced weekly hours and such unemployment/reduction in hours shouldn't be a result of a fault of the worker in order to qualify for UI benefits. The eligibility is determined each week when a workers files his/her weekly report and the benefits continue as long as one meets continued eligibility.

Applying for UI benefits in the state of New Hampshire is easy with an intuitive online system. It hardly takes a few minutes to access the application. If you have everything ready, you should be able to complete your initial claim for UI benefits in no more than half an hour.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with filing UI claim in New Hampshire

Getting help is easy in New Hampshire. You can call the New Hampshire Department of Labor for unemployment related questions by dialing 1-800-266-2252. You can also call a local office of New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) to get personal help with UI claim filing. You can find a phone number for an office near you by simply visiting this page and selecting the area near you.

In case you need assistance with online application, you can simply download this guide and see how to start and complete your claim. This document contains screenshots with pointed arrows to help you navigate your way around the website and file your claim using online system.

Managing your benefits online

The online system provided by the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security can be used for filing your initial claim and managing your benefits. You can also use this system to file weekly UI claims. Use this link to access login page.

Learn more about New Hampshire Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits

You can learn more about UI program and benefits by simply visiting New Hampshire Employment Security website. If you have questions about UI program, please visit this FAQ page in order to see most frequently asked questions.

Unemployment Application Instructions

You can file a claim for UI benefits in New Hampshire if you meet eligibility criteria and have worked in the state of New Hampshire during the base period. Filing online claim will only take a few minutes. Here is how to do it.

1- Visit New Hampshire Employment Security website and start your initial claim by going to online application system.

2- If this is your first time using the NHES website, you may have to create a username and a password to proceed to the application page. You can do by visiting this link.

3- Choose a language that you would like to fill application. You can choose between English and Spanish.

4- You will land on the login page where you will need to provide your username and password in order to access the application form for UI initial claim.

5- If there is an issue with the online system or you can't reach it for some reason, be sure to read system availability information here before you decide to call for help.