North Dakota LIHEAP Application Information

North Dakota LIHEAP program assists individuals living in North Dakota pay a portion of their energy bill. This may help prevent energy services from being turned off, assist in providing weatherization for your home to help reduce your energy use, and they offer counseling services on how to budget your money more efficiently.

North Dakota LIHEAP offers three types of assistance:-

  1. Bill pay

  2. Weatherization

  3. Energy Crisis

The bill pay assistance is the most common LIHEAP assistance used in North Dakota. It provides a one-time payment on gas and electricity bills for applicants who qualify.

Weatherization assistance assists individuals who are unable to afford to weatherize their home for the winter or summer months. It provides supplies such as caulk, window sealers and draft stoppers. North Dakota LiHeap program supplies water heaters and air conditioners as well.

The energy crisis assistance is a program that helps individuals whose utilities have been shut off or in danger of being shut off. The program will match funds up to $1,000 to most families, to enable them to get their utilities turned on or keep them from being disconnected.

Eligibility Requirements

The state of North Dakota has its own income requirements that they use to determine eligibility for assistance. To find out if you qualify for help visit:

Eligibility for North Dakota LIHEAP depends on a household's total gross income. Households with members who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and food stamps (SNAP) automatically qualify for LIHEAP. Other states determine specific eligibility guidelines and may choose to use the state's median income level or the national poverty level to determine eligibility based on income.

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must meet the following criteria:-

  1. Be a resident of the state of North Dakota.

  2. Fall within the below specified income brackets

Household Size

Income Before Tax























For more details see the State’s eligibility criteria at:

LIHEAP Application Instructions

In North Dakota, the low income energy assistance program helps individuals pay a portion of their energy bill. This helps people prevent energy services from being turned off, provides weatherization for your home to help reduce your energy use, and they offer counseling services on how to budget your money more efficiently.

The state of North Dakota requires one to gather household income information for the past three months. This not only includes income from work, but also child support and any other type of non-taxable income as well. The appropriate state agency needs to have these documents as proof of income and you can use them to determine your eligibility.

You can submit your application using any of the methods mentioned below.

  • Online Application:

Complete and submit an application online and click the application button. The completed application will be directed to the appropriate county social service office.

  • Manual Application:

Go to the North Dakota Weatherization site, and click the region in which you reside. From there, you will need to find, print and complete the Application for Assistance. The form can be returned to your county social service office.

  • Mail Application:

You can contact your county social service office and request that an application be mailed to you. For a list of county social service offices in North Dakota use this link:

Fill out an application that they send to you. You will be asked to attach a copy of your last 6-12 months pay stubs and a copy of your current energy bill along with the application and mail it back to the agency at the address provided.

It’s after your application has been received that you will be sent a letter stating how much financial assistance you qualify for and approximately when you can expect it. In North Dakota the check is usually sent to your utility company.

It may be a few weeks or even a month or two before your appointment, depending on how busy the agency is, but keep at it. Ask the person who makes the appointment what information, other than income verification, you will need to bring with you. Bringing the necessary information with you ensures that the paperwork can be processed more quickly once your application is filed.

Call your fuel company to confirm that it participates in LIHEAP. Some companies do not participate and, if yours does not, call around to find a company who does participate. If you are unable to locate one on your own, your state agency can provide you with a list of participants.

Attend your appointment and bring all the requested paperwork. Talk to the intake worker about other facets of the program. Qualified families often can also get assistance with weatherization costs and a reduction of utility costs as well.

Economic Assistance Policy Division
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
600 E Boulevard Dept 325
Bismarck ND 58505-0250

Phone: (701) 328-2065
Toll Free: (800) 755-2716 (ND Only)
ND Relay TTY: (800) 366-6888 or 711

LIHEAP Contact
Public Inquiries: 1-800-755-2716

Weatherization Assistance Program
Local Administering Agency Contacts

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
60% State Median Income