Missouri MO HealthNet Application Information

MO HealthNet for Elderly, Blind and Disabled offers medical care for eligible persons. There are no cash benefits for qualifying for the program but aged, blind and disabled can enjoy complete medical insurance with comprehensive coverage through the program.

A person must be U.S citizen or a qualified alien apply for the program. Similarly, one has to be a resident of state of Missouri to qualify for the program. The program also requires its applicants to have assets under certain limit. These asset limits are different for blind, disabled and aged. They are also different for married and unmarried persons.

One can apply in person for the program at local office of Family Support Division. It is also possible to download and print application form. People can also call Family Support Division and request application forms to be mailed to them.

Eligibility Requirements

Following persons are eligible to receive benefits under this program if they meet some eligibility requirements:

  • Disabled
  • Aged 65 or above
  • A person determined blind by law and is above 18 years of age

The other requirements for receiving benefits under the program require the person:

  • To be a resident of state of Missouri
  • To be a U.S citizen or a qualified alien
  • For aged or disabled person, non-exempt assets should be less than $1,000 if such person is unmarried. Assets worth $2,000 are acceptable for married person.
  • For blind person, non-exempt assets should not be more than $2,000 if such person is unmarried. Non-exempt assets should be less than $4,000 for married blind persons.
  • In case of a blind person, he or she should not have a sighted spouse who can provide support.
  • Such persons should not be a resident of public or private institution. However, anyone institutionalized in a public medical institution is exempted from this criteria.

MO HealthNet Application Instructions

Apply Online

Click here to complete the application form online. Once you have completed the application, it will go through the evaluation for determination.

Apply through phone

Dial toll free 1-888-275-5908 to request an application form to be sent through mail. You can also ask for instructions/information using the same phone number. After you have received the application form, you will be required to fill it and send it back to Family Support Division Office.

Apply in Person

In order to apply in person, you can find your local Family Support Division Office using THIS link. If you are unsure about anything, you can ask the office staff to help you with it. For most people applying for benefits under this program, applying in person turns out to be the easiest option since office staff is able to help quickly with any issues that may come up.