Minnesota LIHEAP Application Information

Minnesota Energy Assistance Program (EAP) helps low-income families in Minnesota to meet their heating needs. Households paying major portion of their household income for energy costs will usually qualify for EAP grant. The program also provides help to households facing imminent threat of disconnection, or running out of fuel. The program usually provides grant directly to the energy supplier but will also issue grant directly to the consumer in some cases.

Financial grants through Minnesota EAP are available for renters in addition to homeowners. Those paying their utility bills as a part of monthly rent will have to show their rental agreement in order to receive grants through EAP. The amount of benefits available for a household will directly depend on number of people in the household, total gross income, and type of fuel being used by the household.

The program provides payments for energy bills and helps households get deliveries of fuel supplies. The program also supports optimal usage of fuel to ensure high efficiency. It also provides aid to help households get better heating equipment and improve home by replacing malfunctioning equipment.

The program gives preference to households with disabled, elderly, and child under the age of five years. The program also provides additional assistance to those medically needy and not able to afford energy costs.

To receive grants through Minnesota EAP, households will have to meet certain eligibility criteria. They will have to go through screening process so that their eligibility can be determined. Once a household qualifies for EAP benefits, grants will be sent directly to energy provider. In case, household is running out of fuel or needs emergency assistance, the grants will be sent directly to the applicant. Applicants will have to prove that they are responsible for paying energy costs of their households to receive grant through EAP.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants looking to receive grants through Minnesota EAP will have to meet some eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a U.S citizen or a legal immigrant

  • You must be a resident of Minnesota

  • You must meet income eligibility guidelines for the program

Income eligibility

Households looking to receive EAP benefits in Minnesota will have meet income guidelines for three months prior to applying for the program in addition to meeting annual income guidelines.

Size of household Annual income 3-month income

1 $22,250 $5,562

2 $29,097 $7,274

3 $35,943 $8,985

4 $42,789 $10,697

5 $49,635 $12,408

6 $56,481 $14,120

7 $57,765 $14,441

8 $59,049 $14,762

You can view the complete income eligibility chart here.

LIHEAP Application Instructions

To apply for benefits in Minnesota, you will have two options

Apply through mail/fax: You can apply for Minnesota EAP through mail or fax. You can download application form from here. After you download it, fill it and mail/fax it to your EAP service provider. Use this link to find mailing address of EAP service providers in Minnesota.

You can also receive application form in mail by calling at 1-800-657-3710.

Apply in person: You can also visit your local EAP provider, fill and application there and hand it over to EAP staff in person. You can find your local EAP office using this link.