Maine WAP Application Information

Low-income households in Maine can receive weatherization services through state’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). The program aims to help the most vulnerable households so that they are not left without help during the harsh weather.

Eligible households can receive different weatherization services that will help to improve home energy efficiency. Services include air sealing, duct leakage, insulation, window and door replacement, heating and cooling equipment, and water heating improvement. WAP services help homes become more energy efficient and safe. Eligible households can benefit from any of these or all depending on the energy audit report prepared by a senior energy auditor who will visit the house and prepare an audit report for weatherization services. However, if you are on rent, you will have to receive approval of your landlord before you can receive WAP benefits.

WAP energy audit will use ventilation and airflow testing as well as infrared thermal imaging to determine what weatherization services will help improve energy efficiency. A blower door test will determine whether or not the house has ventilation and airflow problem. On the other hand, infrared thermal imaging will determine insulation problems in location such as doors and windows.

Maine WAP services are only available for income eligible households. Applicants will need to meet a maximum income limit. The services are available for homeowners as well as renters if they meet the income eligibility guidelines for the program. Immigrants and aliens will have to show their legalization documents to be considered eligible for the program. Households receiving fuel assistance through Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) will automatically qualify for weatherization audit.

The most vulnerable households (households with elderly, disabled, or child) receive priority for benefits. Similarly, households with extremely low income but high fuel costs will be placed on priority list for WAP services.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive WAP benefits in Maine, you will need to meet the following program requirements.

  • You must be a U.S citizen or a qualified alien. You should attach copies of relevant documents to proof your citizenship or legality of alien status.

  • Only residents of Maine can receive benefits through Maine Weatherization Assistance Program. If you live in another state, you should look for weatherization and fuel assistance program for that state. Remember, you will need to prove your residence by furnishing proper documents.

  • Your household income should be below the maximum income level for WAP.

  • You should be eligible for Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP)

Income Eligibility

In order to receive WAP services, your household income must be within the maximum income limit defined by WAP each year. Here is an income chart to compare your household income against its size.

Household size Household income

  1. $18,989

  2. $25,721

  3. $32,453

  4. $39,185

  5. $45,917

  6. $52,649

  7. $59,381

  8. $66,113

If you have more than eight people in the household, then add $6,732 for each additional person.

Automatic eligibility

A household will automatically qualify for Maine WAP benefits if,

  • Someone in your household is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Your household is receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children

WAP Application Instructions

To receive WAP benefits, you will need to apply for the program through your local Community Action Program (CAP) agency.

You can locate your nearest CAP agency using this link.

For help with application or anything else related to the program, you can call (207) 626-4639. You can also request more info using this form.