Maryland Unemployment Application Information

The Maryland unemployment insurance program is a state sponsored program that provides temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers in the state of Maryland. This program aims to help unemployed workers and their families to make the transition from unemployment to employment, through the provision of temporary financial assistance.

In order to qualify for the Maryland unemployment insurance program one needs to meet a specific set of eligibility requirements. These requirements revolve around being a resident of the state of Maryland, should have worked within the state for a period of 12-18 months and should meet the minimum income requirements as provided in the Maryland unemployment insurance income guide.

Another important eligibility provision is that the individual is supposed to be mentally and physically fit for work, and should be available for work during the period that he or she participate in the program.

Eligibility Requirements

For one to be eligible for the Maryland unemployment insurance program, he or she needs to meet a specified set of eligibility requirements. These requirements include:

  • You must meet the minimum monetary eligibility thresholds as specified in the application
  • You should b a US citizen or a legal alien
  • You must have worked in the state of Maryland for the last 12-18 months
  • You must either be unmployed or partially unemployed
  • You must be mentally and physically fit for work during the period that you will be receiving benefits

Unemployment Application Instructions

There are three main methods through which one can apply t the Maryland Unemployment insurance program, these are: by submitting a paper application, by filling an online application form and seeking application assistance via phone. Seeking application assistance via phone mainly compliments the other two methods and is not an application method by its own.

Online Application

A more convenient way of applying for the Maryland unemployment insurance program, is by filling out an online application. This method is convenient in the sense that all one needs is a computer and a reliable internet connection. You can fill the online application form from the comfort of your home or any other convenient place at any time.

Another important advantage o filling out an online application form is that you can stop filling the form at any point and pick up from where you left, the next time you go online. These are the reasons why online applications have gained popularity among individuals applying for the Maryland unemployment insurance program.

Click here to begin an Online Unemployment Application in Maryland.

Filling Out and Submitting a Paper Application

This is a traditional application method that has been used to apply for the program, since its inception. All one needs to do is to obtain an application form from the nearest Maryland department of labor offices. By visiting these offices you will be able to seek application advice from the program representatives. These representatives have considerable experience dealing with applications for the unemployment insurance application and thus would prove to be an invaluable asset.

On obtaining the application form, you should proceed and fill it by providing appropriate responses for the questions asked on the spaces provided. You should make sure that all the information you provide on the form is accurate and where necessary you should provide any supporting documents that may be required for the program.

After filling out the paper application form you should submit it personally to your local department of labor offices or you should send it via mail. The contact address for your nearest Maryland unemployment insurance offices can be obtained, by following this link.

Get Application Assistance via Phone

You can seek for application assistance by calling the Maryland department of labor services, where you will be able to speak to a program representative who besides sending you an application form, will address any queries and issues you may have with regards to the application process.

The toll free number for the Maryland unemployment insurance program is: Maryland - 410-368-5300