Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) Application Information

The Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) provides medical care for children under the age of 19 and pregnant women irrespective of their age. This comprehensive health cover is available for qualifying individuals with low income. All applicants will have to meet certain income level in order to receive benefits under the MCHP program.

In order to qualify for the MCHP program, individuals will have to provide their social security number along with other general information. If individuals have another medical insurance, it may or may not affect eligibility for the MCHP program, depending on each individual case. Case managers will be able to provide right answer to your eligibility due to other medical insurance you already have.

The MCHP is exclusive to Maryland residents, who are U.S. citizens or qualified aliens. Individuals not meeting this primary qualification will not be able to seek benefits under this specific program.

Individuals qualifying for the MCHP program will receive various benefits in addition to free to low-cost doctor visits. They will have medical cover for dental, vision, and lab tests. Moreover, enrollees will also get medical cover according to their specific needs. For instance, pregnant women will have cover for delivery and other expenses related to birth and family planning later on.

In order to apply for MCHP, individuals will have to fill and send an application to the health department. Individuals can get application form from THIS link. These applications are also available at Local Health Departments. Individuals can even receive application through snail mail by making a request to the Local Health Department.

Available Benefits


  • Doctor visits including sick care, hospital care and lap tests
  • Dental, eye, and prescribed medicines
  • Transportation to attend medical appointments
  • Treatment for substance abuse

Pregnant Women

  • Prenatal doctor visits
  • Post-prenatal doctor visits
  • Baby delivery
  • Doctor visits other than prenatal and post-prenatal
  • Dental, vision, and hospital care
  • Prescribed medicine and lap tests
  • Vitamins
  • Mental health care
  • Treatment for substance abuse
  • Family planning services

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for Children

Eligibility for Pregnant Women

Insurance eligibility: Although individuals applying for care through Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) will be required to be uninsured, it doesn't always affect the eligibility. Some individuals with insurance can qualify for MCHP. Apply even if you have insurance and let your case manager decide whether having insurance will bar you from MCHP benefits or not.

Maryland Children's Health Program Application Instructions

In order to apply, applicants will have to provide certain information. Such information includes name, address, phone number, and information about health cover. Applicants will also be required to provide basic information about family members. All the applicants will have to provide their social security number as well. Application will also have section for providing detail of family income, its amount and its sources.

Apply Online

The easiest way to apply is to Apply Online via Maryland's Health Connection system. Click here to apply Online via Health Connection.

Apply in Person

Visit a local connector entity, health department or department of social services.

Get Application help via Phone

You can dial (800) 456-8900 to reach DHMH MCHP hotline or download the official application.