Massachusetts Unemployment Application Information

The Massachusetts unemployment insurance is a state sponsored program that offers temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers in the state of Massachusetts. This program aims to help these unemployed workers and their families to make the transition from unemployment to employment, by giving them the financial stability that will help them stay focused in looking for their next job.

The funding for this program is obtained from thee quarterly deductions that are made by all the employers in the state from their employees and paid to the Department of Unemployment Assistance. This money is then used to fund the program.

In order to qualify for this program, you need to meet a specific set of eligibility requirement which are mainly related to income, state of employment, availability for work and other factor. It should however be noted that the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA), does not predetermine eligibility and each case is evaluated on an individual basis.

Eligibility Requirements

For an individual to qualify for the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance program, he or she must meet the following set of eligibility Requirements:

  • The individuals should be totally or partially unemployed
  • The individual should be physically and mentally fit for work
  • He or she should be involved in actively looking for work
  • The individual must have received enough wages during the base period as stipulated in the income guidelines
  • Must be a resident of Massachusetts
  • Must be a US citizen or a legal alien

On meeting these requirements you should submit an application, which will be processed and you will start receiving the benefits once the application processing is complete.

Unemployment Application Instructions

In order to start enjoying the benefits of the Massachusetts Unemployment insurance program, you first need to fill out an application and submit. There are three ways through which you can apply for the program. These methods include:

  • Fill out a paper application form
  • Filing an online application form
  • Seeking application assistance via phone

Paper Application

You can apply for the Massachusetts unemployment insurance program by obtaining an application form from the department of unemployment services offices. By visiting these offices you will be able to both obtain the forms and get application advice from the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance program representatives. These representatives have experience dealing with application and thus will prove helpful in addressing you queries and giving you advice with regards to the application process.

Once you have obtained the application form, you should read the instructions and fill the form appropriately. You should make sure that you give responses to all of the questions asked in the forms in the spaces provided and that you give honest answers.

After filling the form you should submit it by either taking it personally to the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DSA) or by sending it to them via mail.

Online Application

Another more convenient way of applying for the state of Massachusetts Unemployment insurance program, is through an online application. In order to do this you need a computer and a reliable internet connection, through which you can access the online form, from the convenience of your home or any other suitable place.

Click here to begin an Online Application form.

Seeking Application Assistance via Phone.

If you cannot fill out an online application form you have the option of calling the department of Unemployment services and requesting for the application form to be sent to you. While you are at this you can ask for advice on the application process from the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance representative.

The toll free number for the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance program is: 877-626-6800 and is available during working hours from Monday to Friday.