Indiana TANF Application Information

The TANF program assists families with children with cash aid but wants adults to work. The program checks IMPACT status of each adult in the family before making a decision about cash assistance for the family.

Beneficiaries can receive child care services, medical assistance and food stamps through TANF program. Beneficiaries will also be receiving transportation costs in addition to standard services.

In order to apply for TANF, individuals will have to fill and application and send it to their local DFR office through mail or fax. Individuals can also apply online through DFR website.

Applicants will be informed within 60 days about status of their TANF eligibility. If a family doesn't have an adult with mandatory IMPACT status, then DFR office will decide about application within 30 days.

Eligibility Requirements

TANF Eligibility

For one to be eligible for TANF, he or she must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a resident of state of Indiana
  • Must be U.S citizen, a qualified alien, or a permanent resident
  • Be under-employed, unemployed or about to become unemployed
  • Families with children under the age of 18 years
  • Pregnant women are also eligible for TANF a month before their due date
  • Assets not exceeding $1,000, exempting the house where family primarily lives
  • Families must meet income standards set for TANF qualification. You can see the full details about income eligibility HERE.

In order to be sure whether you are eligible for TANF or not, you can use this Screening Tool.

TANF Application Instructions

There are two basic application methods for Indiana Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Apply in Person

You can apply in person by contacting your local Division of Family Resources Office. Pick the application from the local office and return it either to the office personally or to the mailing address provided on the application form after completing it. You can also fax your completed applications to your local DFR office.

You can also locate your local DFR office using a zip code at:

Online Applications

In order to apply online, you will have to apply for benefits at the Benefits Portal available at the DFR website. Go to THIS link and begin your application.

Remember, you can always go directly to the online application and screening protal using this link