Illinois AllKids Application Information

All Kids Illinois provides comprehensive insurance for children. This involves arranging doctor visits, hospital stays, eye care, dental services, and Immunizations. The Illinois all kids program also covers special services such as medical equipment, speech and physical therapies for its members.

The Illinois All Kids program is administered by the Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), which gives families the option to either have co-pays and income based premiums. The All kids program provides affordable healthcare to all eligible individuals, regardless of their medical condition or state of health.

Simply put all kids is a comprehensive health insurance program, which offers an array of medical services, aimed at improving the health conditions of financially underprivileged children. Although there is no income ceiling provided, a waiting period of one year has been put in place, in order to discourage families with private insurance from dropping their covers. This waiting period is however waived for families who have gross incomes that is twice as low as the states defined poverty thresh-hold.

Some of the benefits associated with the Illinois all kids program include:

  • Control of serious health conditions through constant and quality medical care
  • Provides reliable healthcare to the children enabling them to achieve their full potential in school and at home
  • The program helps to control health conditions before they become serious and possibly get out of hand, through constant doctor visits and checkups.

It s worth noting that over the years the capital base for the Illinois All kids program has been constantly improving, enabling it to reach out to even more disadvantaged families in the state.

Eligibility Requirements

Children are eligible for the Illinois All Kids program if:

  • They reside in the state of Illinois
  • They are 18 years and below
  • They meet the general insurance conditions for Illinois All kids (these are available on this link
  • The family income is below the specified limit. These are shown below:
Family Size FamilyCare Assist
1 Up to $1,436
2 Up to $1,945
3 Up to $2,453
4 Up to $2,961
5 Up to $3,470
6 Up to $3,978
7 Up to $4,486
8 Up to $4,994
Each Additional Person +$508

For families that are larger the income limits is larger and is calculated accordingly. For more information on these income limits, follow the insurance requirements link.

It should be noted that applications can only be filed by custodial parents. Non-custodial parents are not allowed to fill the application forms and thus should inform the custodial parents about the program.

If a pregnant woman is eligible for 'moms and babies', the new born is eligible for enrollment into Illinois All Kids program, immediately after delivery. You can get more information on Moms and babies by following this link:

Coverage Period

A child that is eligible for All Kids Assist, Share, Premiums level 1, 2 or rebate, receives 12 months coverage. This is however pegged on the fact that they remain residents of Illinois, In the event that they move out of the state of Illinois, the coverage ceases.

Health Insurance for Parents

The Illinois family care package provides health care to parents; however this is subject to a specified maximum income required for eligibility. With regards to applications, both parents and kids can apply on the same form.

For more information on health insurance for parents visit the following link:

Finding a Doctor

By using the Illinois Health care connects, you will be able to find a doctor that accepts Illinois All kids. Illinois health care connect collaborates with Illinois All kids to help its members pick the right doctor to address their medical needs.

The Illinois All Kids Rebate

This is the monthly amount paid to parents who pay for private health care for their children. It however should be noted that only a few families, that have limited income are actually eligible for the All Kids Rebate.

When does coverage begin?

For premium levels 1 and 2 coverage starts before you pay the firsts month premium provided you get an approval letter. However in the event that you decide to cancel coverage before payment of the first premium, you should call the following toll free number immediately to start cancellation: 1-866-255-5437

Defaulting on premium payments

In the event that you default payments of the premium, the Kids health insurance will be cancelled. This means that you will have to reapply for membership again, and pay any premiums missed.

Not paying all co-payments

In the event that you do not pay your co-payments, doctors have the right to withdraw treatment. As a matter of fact, if you owe a co-payment doctors and hospitals, have a legal right to collect it from you.

Immigration Status

The Illinois All Kids program does provide health insurance to kids regardless of their immigration status. As long as the kid lives in Illinois and meets all other eligibility requirements he or she qualifies for the Illinois All Kids program. It however should be noted that if the child moves to Illinois for the sole purpose of getting medical care. They are not eligible for the ALL kids program.

The Illinois All kid's program membership does not affect the child's Immigration status, unless he or she receives long term care in a nursing home or mental health facility.

AllKids Application Instructions

The application process for the Illinois All Kids program consists of an online application which is completed by sending the required physical documents. The steps involved in a typical application are:

Online Application

  • Request or download an application , by following this link:
  • You can seek for application help by consulting an all kids application agent. These agents are available throughout the state of Illinois. In order to find an agent in your area use this link:
  • Fill out the form and send it to your nearest department of human services. In order to locate the department of human services, visit the following link:

Apply in Person

To apply in person, you will have to locate local office of Department of Human Services (DHS).

  • Visit your nearest department of human services
  • Obtain and fill an application form
  • Submit the application form to the DHS

Applying or receiving information by phone

Illinois All Kids has a toll free line, which you can call to obtain application information by phone. By calling this number an agent will guide you through the application process.

Call toll-free 1-866-ALL KIDS (1-866-255-5437)

For persons using a teletypewriter (TTY), call 1-877-204-1012

To locate the DHS office nearest you go to:

A copy of the all kids application form is available at the following link: