Idaho Temporary Assistance for Families (TAFI) Application Information

Temporary Assistance for families (TAFI) in Idaho is the one of the programs for distributing TANF funds in the state of Idaho. The program requires applicants to meet certain financial and non-financial criteria before they can enroll in the program and start receiving the temporary aid.

Needy Families with children can get cash assistance in Idaho through Temporary Assistance for Families (TAFI) program. The program supports households with pregnant women and dependent children if such households meet the income limits for the program.

Families will receive temporary cash assistance through TAFI once they enroll in the program. Funds will be available to support families for a limited time so that they can become financially self-sufficient by devoting resources to job training and family health.

TAFI provides fixed monthly cash assistance ($309 as of now) without considering size of household. However, some additional funds are also released when earning members of household need cash assistance to train, work, or to retain work. The program only provides cash assistance for a limited period of 24 months. The participants will have to work during the program so that they can become self-sufficient.

When a family qualified to receive cash assistance through TAFI, it will get funds through electronic funds transfer (EFT). These funds will be usually sent directly to beneficiaries account but in some cases, these funds can go to an account managed by the State on behalf of the beneficiary.

TAFI requires participants to involve in work-related activities. Applicants will have to cooperate with Enhanced Work Services contractor who will create opportunities for TAFI beneficiaries so that they can work. Applicants may have to work up-to 40-hours a week but the exact number of hours assigned to each applicant may vary depending on enrollee's circumstances.

One-time cash payment through TAFI

Families meeting all the general eligibility requirements for TAFI program can ask for one-time TAFI payment. This one-time cash payment is made only once in a lifetime. Whether or not someone gets approval for one-time payment depends on individual circumstances such as moving from one place to another, emergency car repair, equipment needed for work/employment etc.

If a family is already receiving TAFI benefits but needs one-time cash payment for work-related issues, it can apply for such payment. Work-related issues may include moving expenses, equipment for carrying out work, and other employment related expenses.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for TAFI

  • Resident of state of Idaho
  • U.S citizen or a legal alien
  • Families with a dependent child (child under 19) or a pregnant woman
  • Families looking to receive TAFI benefits should meet definition of 'needy'. Families with earned income less than the grant amount will be 'needy' families for the program.
  • Families with resources less than $2,000 are considered for TAFI benefits
  • Parents will have to participate in work activity and meet all requirements of such activity
  • Parents should cooperate with Child Support Services (CSS) in order to receive benefits through TAFI

Eligibility for Child-only TAFI

TAFI program also provides aid to children if they are eligible, even when they living with caretaker relative and not their real parents. Caretaker relative will have the choice to include himself or herself in the grant at the time of making an application for it.

Child-only TAFI offers more-relaxed eligibility criteria.

  • Countable income for the purpose of TAFI is only child's income and not caretaker's income
  • Eligibility regarding time limit does not apply
  • Caretaker not choosing to receive TAFI benefits will be free from work activity requirements for the program
  • Caretaker relative for child-only TAFI are not required to cooperate with Child Support Services but they are encouraged to fill all the forms and provide as much information as much possible

Temporary Assistance for Families Application Instructions

Apply by downloading application

In order to apply for Temporary Assistance for Families (TAFI) in Idaho, you can download application form and submit it to local Health and Welfare Office once completed.

The application form contains hints to help you to complete it easily. You will also find instruction for completing the form at the beginning of application form.

Apply in Person

You can also apply in person by finding and visiting your local office. Once you are at the office, you will find someone to talk to and seek information. You will be helped with everything about applying for the TAFI benefits.

Click here to find a list of Health and Welfare offices to locate one near you.

Get Application Help by Phone

You can ask for an application on phone by simply dialing 1-800-926-2588. Ask the operator to send an application to your mailing address. After you have the application, you will have to complete it in all respects and send it to your local Health and Welfare Office or even send it via mail to the office.