Idaho Medicaid Application Information

Idaho Medicaid provides health coverage for low-income residents in Idaho. This program is funded by the federal government and the state government. The benefits are distributed through local Medicaid offices.

Medicaid in Idaho provides similar benefits to Medicaid in other states. Applicants must meet different eligibility requirements according to the category in which they fall. Since the program targets low-income families and individuals, it has a strict financial eligibility criteria in addition to other categorical requirements.

Medicaid in Idaho offers three different benefit plans, i.e., Standard plan, Enhanced plan, and Medicare-Medicaid Coordinated Plan. The standard plan offers standard health benefits to low-income children. The benefits include wellness benefits, healthcare, and prevention. The enhanced plan covers disabled residents of Idaho while the coordinated plan is for those who are enrolled in Medicaid as well as Medicare.

You can easily apply for Medicaid benefits in Idaho either by filling an online application or by sending a completed printable application to Medicaid via mail. For further assistance, you can visit any of the local Medicaid offices closer to your residence. You can also call at 1-877-456-1233.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are living in Idaho, you can qualify for Medicaid benefits. Apart from being a resident, you need to prove that you are in need of health care and insurance services.

You will usually qualify for Medicaid in Idaho if you fall into one of the following criteria.

- Pregnant woman

- Parent or a caretaker of a child under 19 years of age

- Blind

- Disabled

- A household with a disabled person

- Elderly (65 years of age and above)

Income eligibility

Here are income guidelines for Medicaid in Idaho. You will need to meet these guidelines according to the size of your household.

Household Size Monthly Income Bi-Monthly Income Bi-Weekly Income Weekly Income
1 $1,677 $3,354 $774.50 $387.25
2 $2,268 $4,536 $1,046 $523
3 $2,859 $5,718 $1,317.50 $659
4 $3,450 $6,900 $1,589 $794.50
5 $4,042 $8,084 $1,860.50 $930.25
6 $4,633 $9,266 $2,132 $1,066
7 $5,224 $10,448 $2,403.50 $1,201.75
8 $5,815 $11,630 $2,675 $1,337.50
Each Additional Member +$592 +$1,184 +$273.50 +$136.75

Medicaid Application Instructions

Applying for Medicaid in Idaho is easy. You can use any of the following methods.

1- Apply online: You can easily apply online for Medicaid in Idaho. Visit idalink portal by visiting this link. Fill the online application after you have created your account.

2- Apply through the printable application (mail): You can apply by downloading the printable application from this link. You can download the application in English as well in Spanish.

3- Apply in person: Although it's easy to apply online in Idaho, you may want to apply in person. To do so, you can visit your local Medicaid office. Visit this page to visit a local office close to your residence.

4- Apply via telephone: Finally, you can also apply for Medicaid in Idaho via telephone. Dial 1-877-456-1233 and follow instructions to fill an application via phone.