Georgia Unemployment Application Information

The Georgia Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides financial benefits to workers who have lost their employment through no fault of their own. These benefits are of temporary nature and unemployed workers receiving them are expected to continue looking for work or have a definite recall to work within 6 weeks of getting unemployed. Funds for UI benefits come from insurance premiums paid by the employers. The program determines eligibility of unemployed workers through their past wages and reason for losing job. Anyone meeting basic program eligibility can file a claim for UI benefits at local office of Department of Labor by visiting in person by using the online application.

Eligibility Requirements

Get Help with Application Procedure

Although online application is easy to complete and all the necessary information is provided before you start completing the application, you may require further assistance in case you are facing issues. You can locate Georgia Department of Labor Career Center in your area and ask for help. Go to this link to locate an office near you.

You can also contact a One-Stop Center near you to learn more about online application for UI claims in Georgia. Use this link to find a One-Stop Center near your home.

You can also send an email to Georgia Department of Labor using this page.

Manage Your Unemployment Benefits Online

Once you have completed your application for online benefits, you will need to submit Weekly Work Search in order to receive benefits every week. You can visit this link for more information about Weekly Work Search reports.

If you plan on receiving your benefits through Debit Master Card, you will need to login to Go Program page here and manage your benefits from the online portal. If you don't have an account already, visit this page to create a new account. It only takes a minute.

Learn More about Georgia UI Benefits

Learn more about UI program in Georgia by visiting this link. You can visit this page to learn more about online services offered by the Georgia UI program.

You can also learn more about UI Rules by visiting this page. UI Rules explain number of important definitions and concepts that you may confuse. If you find Rules difficult to understand, you can simply read FAQ here.

Unemployment Application Instructions

You can apply for UI claims in Georgia by filling an online application. Although you can apply by visiting local Department of Labor office in person but online application is preferred way of applying. It takes less time and you can complete application from your home. However, you will need a valid email address to file a claim online.

Since claims are not retroactive, you should file your claim at the earliest after being qualified. Here is how to file a claim online.

- Visit Department of Labor online application for UI claims by visiting this link.

- Ensure that you have cookies enabled and you are not using 'private' browsing, a feature found in most modern browsers.

- Click Begin Unemployment Claim at the bottom and start completing your application.