Georgia National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Application Information

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a nationally assisted meal program which is implemented in public and non-profit private schools as well as residential child-care centers. It offers nutritious but cheap or even free lunches to eligible children during school days. The meals are designed to promote wellness and fight obesity.

Studies have shown that hungry children cannot maximize their learning potentials in school. This is what the National School Lunch Program aims to resolve- that eligible school children from public and non-profit private schools can get nutritious but cheap or even cost-free lunches each school day to be able to give better opportunities for children who are in need.

Under the supervision of the local Board of Education and a state authorized nutrition director, the principals manage the NSLP's operations in their respective schools. They must comply with federal and state laws, as well as observe guidelines set by the local Board of Education.

The nutrition director plans well-balanced meals which aim to boost a child's performance. These school meals pass the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Findings have shown that these lunches have thrice as much dairy product, two times more fruits and seven times the vegetable content than regular lunches from home.

In addition, the Georgia School Nutrition Program also encourages children to participate in the School Breakfast Program. Research has shown that children who do not eat breakfast lack focus, make more mistakes and as a result, obtain poorer grades in school.

A single application is enough to cover all school children in a household. Since the program is only effective for this particular school year, it has to be renewed annually.

Eligibility Requirements

The Georgia National School Lunch Program is a very economical and healthy meal program designed for school children of below poverty level households. Only one application is allowed per household. Eligibility is awarded depending on the gross annual income of the whole household and the number of people living in that particular household.

Click here for a comprehensive list of income eligibility requirements.

Other Eligibility Categories:

  • Children whose households are qualified members of Assistance Programs cush as SNAP, TANF, FDPIR
  • Children registered in Head Start and Even Start
  • Children who belong to the Migrant education Program
  • Runaways and Homeless Youth who have proper documentation
  • Homeless Children
  • Foster Children

For more details about categorical eligibility, click here and scroll down to page 47.

National School Lunch Program Application Instructions

There are several ways to apply for the Georgia National School Lunch Program. You may choose from the following:

Apply Via Mail or Walk-In Application

The best way to apply for the National School Lunch Program is to consult your child/children's school and ask for an application form. It is necessary to complete all the required fields, sign it and submit it to authorized personnel. Incomplete applications will not be accepted so you have to make sure that you fill it out completely.

Click here to locate your school to begin the application, fill it out and submit it to your child's school. You may also mail it at Georgia Department of Education, 1658 Twin Towers East, Atlanta, GA 30334.

Get Application Help and Information By Phone

Dial (404) 463-4515 to inquire about the National School Lunch Program in Georgia. You will be connected to the office of the nutrition director where a representative can assist you. You can also click this link for a complete list of School District contacts within the State of Georgia, phone and fax numbers.

Program Information Online

Click here to go to the official site to learn more about the program.

The application process may be completed within ten days. During this period, households must pay for their children's meals. If your children pass the eligibility requirements, you will get a notification via mail. This program must be renewed yearly as it only covers the present school year and the first few days of the next school year.