Georgia LIHEAP Application Information

Low-income households in Georgia can receive grants through LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) to cover their energy costs. Households seeking LIHEAP benefits should need help to pay energy bills and they should meet income guidelines for the program to qualify. The program covers all the 159 counties in Georgia.

Residents of Georgia can submit their applications after December 1. The program continues providing assistance by paying agencies until end of April. If the funds exhaust before that, LIHEAP will stop paying for energy costs. All applicants will have to wait until August 1 to apply for LIHEAP benefits but 'homebound' or 'elderly' can apply a month before the actual program starting date.

Georgia LIHEAP pays utility directly through a two-party check. The amount of assistance will depend directly on the number of people in the household, gross annual income of the household, and the energy usage/cost for the household. Usually, households will receive between $300 and $350 for home energy assistance through LIHEAP.

Georgia LIHEAP has three more program elements i.e. crisis intervention assistance, cooling assistance, and weatherization. Crisis intervention assistance provides assistance quickly, within 48 hours in most cases, to help households facing an energy crisis. If the situation is life-threatening, the assistance will be provided within 18 hours of making an application. Applications from homebound and elderly are collected at home for crisis intervention assistance.

Cooling assistance is provided during summer to LIHEAP eligible residents in case funds are available. Priority is gives to elderly and homebound. Similarly, LIHEAP eligible households can also receive weatherization assistance, which helps them to bring down energy bills using energy conserving equipment, strategies, and home improvement. The eligible applicants will receive help with ceiling insulation, weather-stripping, and windows. Elderly and disabled are given preference for weatherization program. To receive weatherization benefits, household income must be below 200% of the federal poverty level. Households can get assistance only if maximum spending would not increase $4,000.

To receive assistance through LIHEAP, your household income must be within income limits set by the program. Applications are processed through local community action agencies. You can find a agency in your county using this link.

Eligibility Requirements

Georgia LIHEAP assistance is only available if

  • You are a U.S citizen or a legal immigrant

  • You are a resident of Georgia

  • You are responsible for paying energy costs for the household

  • You need assistance with home energy costs

  • You are below 60% of state media income or your income falls within income eligibility guidelines. Income guidelines for LIEAHP can be found here.

Income eligibility

Households gross income will have be below 60% of state median income or below the following income limits

Number of people in household Gross annual household income

  1. $24,909

  2. $33,511

  3. $42,113

  4. $50,715

  5. $59,317

  6. $67,919

  7. $76,521

  8. $85,123

If your household has more people living in it, you can add $8,02 for each additional person in the household.

State media income chart

For Georgia, estimated state median income for a family of four persons is $67,276. To qualify for Georgia LIHEA, applicant's household income should be below 60% of state median income. Here is a chart that will help you determine whether your income meets these limits or not.

Number of people in household 60% of state median income

LIHEAP Application Instructions

  1. $20,990

  2. $27,449

  3. $33,907

  4. $40,366

  5. $46,815

  6. $53,283