Delaware WIC Application Information

Delaware WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program helps low-income women, infants, and children access nutritional food, information about healthy eating, and referrals to relevant services that may help them improve health.

Delaware WIC also provides support for breastfeeding mothers. The services covered under the support system include peer counseling, lactation consultancy, and availability of breastfeeding private rooms throughout the state. You can find a breastfeeding room near your location here.

The benefits include access to nutritional food. WIC beneficiaries can buy cereals, food for infants, milk, juice, bread, fish, and cheese in addition to fruits and vegetables. Beneficiaries can buy store brand and some other permitted brands within each food category. Here is a quick link to broacher with all the details. To find out what stores entertain WIC beneficiaries please click here.

To apply for Delaware WIC program, you will just have to call your nearest WIC clinic. You will receive a date for appointment with WIC agent who will determine your eligibility for the program.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive benefits from Delaware WIC program, you've to:

  • Be a U.S citizen or a qualified alien
  • Be a resident of Delaware
  • Have a nutritional risk as determined by a qualified health professional
  • Meet financial eligibility criteria for the program

The following persons meeting these requirements can be eligible for the WIC benefits:

  • An infant
  • A child under the age of five years
  • Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and postpartum women

Pregnant women will receive benefits throughout the period of their pregnancy. Benefit period will continue for mothers for up to one year after childbirth. In case mother isn't breastfeeding, the benefits will only last six months after childbirth.

Income Eligibility

In addition to general eligibility requirements, Delaware WIC has additional income eligibility requirements as well. Here are annual income limits according to family size:

Family Size Annual Income Bimonthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
1 $26,973 $2,248 $1,038 $519
2 $36,482 $3,041 $1,404 $702
3 $45,991 $3,833 $1,769 $885
4 $55,500 $4,625 $2,135 $1,068
5 $65,009 $5,418 $2,501 $1,251
6 $74,518 $6,210 $2,867 $1,434
7 $84,027 $7,003 $3,232 $1,616
8 $93,536 $7,795 $3,598 $1,799
Each Additional Member +$9,509 +$397 +$336 +$183

If your household has more than six members, then add $7,067 for each additional person to find out income limit for your family.

For the purpose of WIC, pregnant woman counts as two members in a household. To compute your annual income, you will have to add gross income of all the persons living in the household.

WIC Application Instructions

In order to apply for Delaware WIC program, you will have to call your county WIC clinic for an appointment. Once WIC staff declares you eligible, you will be enrolled to the program.

To find the phone number for a WIC clinic near you, use this link:

If you need help finding a WIC clinic near you, call WIC toll free number 1-800-222-2189 any time for location assistance.

After you book an appointment, remember to take the following documents with you on your first visit to WIC clinic.

  • Proof of your income
  • Your identity and proof of address
  • Medical proof of your pregnancy
  • Proof of birth of your children under five