Delaware Food Stamps Application Information

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides benefits to low income families living in Delaware so that they can buy their own food. Food Stamps (SNAP) extends a helping hand for the families who can't afford to pay for their own food. The program aims to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in the state so that everyone can enjoy the basic food needed for healthy living. The program provides wide range of benefits to qualified households, including women, children, elderly, and unemployed residents of Delaware.

The program provides benefits to household as a Food Stamps unit. For the purpose of the program, people living together, buying food together, and preparing meals together are counted as one household unit. Children under 22 and living with parents are considered part of the household for the purpose of Delaware SNAP.

The program is administered by Department of Human Services (DHS) who distributes program benefits through an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. Benefits are automatically loaded to EBT card once issued to qualified applicants. The card holder can use it at any approved store across the state to buy food and supplies.

It's is easy to apply for Food Stamps in Delaware. ASSIST provides electronic applications for applicants. Once you've created an account with Delaware ASSIST, you will be able to resume application if you don't want to do it in one sitting.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive Food Stamps in Delaware, the following basic eligibility requirements have to be met:

  • Must be a US citizen or a qualified alien
  • Must be a resident of state of Delaware
  • Must have meet income guidelines required for the program
  • Households already enrolled in SSI, TANF or GA program don't need to meet income guidelines

Income Eligibility

Individuals receiving TANF, GA, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are exempt from undergoing an income test for eligibility to receive food benefits. For the majority of households, the maximum gross monthly income limit is established at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income 200% FPL Gross Monthly Income Limit 130% FPL Net Monthly Income Limit 100% FPL Maximum Monthly Benefit Amount
1 $2,266 $1,473 $1,133 $281
2 $3,052 $1,984 $1,526 $516
3 $3,840 $2,495 $1,920 $740
4 $4,626 $3,007 $2,313 $939
5 $5,412 $3,518 $2,706 $1,116
6 $6,200 $4,029 $3,100 $1,339
7 $6,986 $4,541 $3,493 $1,480
8 $7,772 $5,052 $3,886 $1,691
For each additional person add $788 $512 $394 $211

For Food Stamps (SNAP) eligibility, children under the age of 22 living with parents will be considered part of the same household and they will have to apply for benefits with their parents and not individually.

In order to determine your eligibility online, you can visit Delaware ASSIST website and click 'Do I Qualify?' from the right sidebar.

Food Stamps Application Instructions

To apply for Delaware Food Stamps (SNAP), the following options exist:

Online Application

You can apply online for SNAP benefits in Deleware through the Deleware ASSIST website. The ASSIST website provides easy and fast online services for number of services available in state of Delaware.

Apply Through a DHSS Office

You can also apply for Food Stamps (SNAP) benefits through office of Delaware Health and Social Services (DHSS). Download the application here:

After you've downloaded the application, complete it in all respects and make sure that you're stating truth only. There are penalties for making false statement in your application.

Remember, all the information included in your application will have to be proved before you get the SNAP benefits. If anything changes after you've submitted the application, inform DHSS at the earliest if such information was included in the application to avoid future complications.