Veterans Disability Benefits in Washington, DC

The veterans of Washington, D.C. have made tremendous sacrifices for their country. They deserve our utmost respect and gratitude for their service.

One significant way we express our appreciation is through the Veterans Disability program. This program provides financial support to veterans who were injured during their active duty.

However, it's important to remember that disability benefits are only a part of the bigger picture. The VA offers an array of additional benefits that acknowledge and appreciate the unwavering commitment and sacrifices of our veterans.

These benefits are designed to help veterans transition to civilian life, providing a support system to help them face financial or health-related challenges.

Understanding Veterans Disability Benefits

The Veterans Disability program, managed by the U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA), is a key initiative that offers financial support to veterans who were injured or fell ill during their active military service.

The program strives to lessen the financial burden created by service-related disabilities, as a token of recognition for the immense contributions made by our D.C. veterans.

How the Veterans Disability Benefits Program Works

VA doctors will assess a veteran's disability and give it a rating. The amount of compensation the veteran receives each month depends on the severity of the disability.

In Washington, D.C., certified veterans service officers can provide guidance throughout the application process and help address any concerns.

Eligibility Requirements for Veterans Disability Benefits

To be eligible for VA benefits, veterans must meet several guidelines.

Both of these must be true:

  • You have an existing condition, either physical or mental, that impacts your health, and
  • Your service history includes active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training.

And, at least one of the following must be true:

  • You incurred an injury or sickness during your military service that can be connected to your current condition. This is known as an in-service disability claim.

  • An existing injury or illness from before your military service worsened due to your service — called a pre-service disability claim, or
  • You have a disability that is associated with your active-duty service but it only manifested after your service ended. This is known as a post-service disability claim.

Washington DC veterans hoping to qualify for VA disability benefits must have served on active military duty and have a service-related disability. The VA then rates the disability, ranging from 10% to 100%. The veteran's compensation amount depends on the severity of their disability.

Apply for VA Disability in the District of Columbia

Starting your application for VA Disability benefits in Washington, D.C. can be smooth sailing if all your military and medical documents are in order.

Essential records like your DD214 or other separation papers, medical evidence of your disability, and any dependency records should be readily available.

Next, a claim can be filed online via, by mail, or in person at a regional VA office.

Click here to file a VA Disability claim.

Need help? Call the VA benefits hotline: 800-827-1000

Remember to fill out your application meticulously and completely. Incorrect or incomplete information can result in a delay or denial of benefits.

What to Do If Your District of Columbia VA Claim Is Denied

If your disability claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. You may be asked to provide more medical evidence to prove you have a service-connected disability.

The first step is to file a Notice of Disagreement with the VA. This should be initiated within a year from the date the VA mailed the decision.

In Washington, D.C., organizations like the Veterans Service Office can offer assistance throughout the appeal process. They can help you gather the required medical evidence to establish a service connection.

More VA Benefits Available to District of Columbia Veterans

In addition to Veterans Disability benefits, the VA also provides healthcare services and comprehensive medical care at VA hospitals and clinics in the D.C. area.

The VA also provides educational opportunities through initiatives like the Post-9/11 GI Bill. And if you're a veteran considering homeownership, the VA Home Loans program can help you secure a home loan.

Additional VA Benefits include:

  • Education and Training
  • VA Life Insurance
  • VA Burial Benefits
  • VA Loans
  • Veterans Readiness and Employment
  • Health Care
  • Dependents and Survivor Benefits
  • VA Pension
  • VetSuccess on Campus

Claiming Your District of Columbia VA Benefits

Veterans in Washington, D.C. dealing with service-related health issues should apply for Veterans Disability benefits.

These benefits, coupled with other VA support programs, can significantly improve the quality of life for veterans and their families. Every eligible D.C. veteran is encouraged to explore their VA benefits and services.

District of Columbia — VA Office Locations

Veterans Benefits Administration

Name Address Phone Number
Washington D.C. National Capital Regional Office 1722 I Street N.W. Washington D.C., DC 20421 800-827-1000
Intake Site At Bolling Air Force Base Airman and Family Readiness Center118 Brookley Avenue, Bldg. 13, Suite 100 Bolling AFB, DC 20032
Intake Site At DC Coast Guard Coast Guard Head Quarters2100 Second Street, SW Washington, DC 20593
Intake Site At Pentagon (Air Force) 11MSS/DPF, RM 5C1049, 1565 AF Pentagon Washington, DC 20330

National Cemetery Administration

Name Address Phone Number
Congressional Cemetery Government Lots 1801 E Street, SE Washington, DC 20003 410-644-9696

Veterans Health Administration

Name Address Phone Number
Department of Veterans Affairs 810 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC 20420
Veterans Health Administration 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420 202-461-7000
Veterans Benefits Administration 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
National Cemetery Administration 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Office of Inspector General 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Board of Contract Appeals 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Center for Minority Veterans 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Office of Employment Discrimination Complaint Adjudication 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Office of General Counsel 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Board of Veterans' Appeals 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Special Assistant to the Secretary for Veterans Service Organizations Liaison 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420
Center for Women Veterans 810 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20420 800-827-1000
Office of Construction & Facilities Management 425 I Street NW Washington, DC 20001 Mailing Address: 810 Vermont Ave NW (00CFM) Washington, DC 20420 202-632-4607
Construction & Facilities Management Regional Office - East 425 I Street NW, 6th Floor Washington, DC 20001 202-632-5563
Washington DC VA Medical Center 50 Irving Street, NW Washington, DC 20422-0001 202-745-8000
Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC) 1500 Franklin St., NE Washington, DC 20018-2000 202-745-3012
Southeast Washington Community-Based Outpatient Clinic 820 Chesapeake Street, S.E. Washington, DC 20032-3428 202-745-8685
Washington DC Vet Center 1296 Upshur Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011 202-726-5212