Connecticut Unemployment Application Information

Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits in Connecticut are available to unemployed workers who have lost their employment due to no fault of their own. Such unemployed workers should be looking for new jobs or be in approved training to receive this temporary financial assistance. The funds for UI benefits come from the premiums that employers pay. The amount of benefits one may qualify to receive depends on wages earned during the qualification/base period. The application for UI claims can be filed online without having to visit your local office in person.

If you are unemployed and you meet UI Benefits program eligibility criteria, you should file your claim for UI benefits at the earliest. Since these benefits are no retrospective, you will only receive benefits from the date you put up a claim.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting Help with UI Benefits claim

If you need assistance to file your UI claims, you can simply visit this page and dial an appropriate number for assistance, or start your claim process.

You can also connect with someone in person to find out more about UI Claims and application process by visiting an administrative office or Office of Workforce in your area. American Job Centers will also be able to assist you with UI claims. Go to this page to locate an appropriate office in your area.

Managing Your UI Benefits

To manage your UI Benefits online, simply visit this page and sign in with your username/password that you created while filing initial UI claim.

For more information about managing your UI Benefits, please download this UI Benefits Handbook.

Learn More about Connecticut UI Benefits

You can learn more about UI Benefits by visiting Connecticut Department of Labor website. You will be able to read more about UI Benefits and job search along with other necessary information on the website.

If you need to report a fraud related to UI Benefits, you can simply dial 1-800-894-3490.

Unemployment Application Instructions

Filing a claim for UI benefits in Connecticut is easy. Applicants can file their claim through an online portal that provides a secure online application. It saves time and hassle. Just follow the steps below to file your claims from the comfort of your home.

- Access the online application here.

- Use your UI Benefits account to sign in to the application system. If you don't have an account already, you can create one by clicking 'Create an Account' on the application login page.

- If you have an account already but you have lost your username/password, just click on the appropriate link from the application page to recover your username/password.

- Make sure that you are completing your application during the hours of operation. An application for claims is only saved when completed during these hours. You can find more details about hours of operation by viewing the right hand side of this web page this link.

If you find stuck at any point while creating your account to file a claim, please visit this FAQ section to find answers to most problems about creating an account.