Colorado Unemployment Application Information

Colorado Unemployment Insurance is for unemployed workers who have lost employment. The program provides cash assistance to such workers if they have not lost employment due to their own fault. The program only provides temporary assistance so that unemployed workers can maintain their income during the period of unemployment.

The program provides number of benefits for those who qualify. The program will act as an agent when it comes to processing the payment claims including claims against wages earned in other states. The program also provides services for periodic review of claimant's eligibility.

In order to know how much cash benefits you will get, you will have to make calculations based on your wages in recent times. Calculating exact period and then amount of benefits may prove out to be a tough task. However, you can use benefit estimator tool to calculate your benefits easily.

In order to receive benefits through the program, you will have to activate your Colorado Automatic Payment (CAP) card. You can also select direct deposit to receive funds directly into your own account. To continue receiving benefits, you will have to call CUBLine or access it online every two weeks. You will be required to register for work as to continue receiving benefits through Colorado Unemployment Insurance program.

You can register for MyUI and enjoy easy access and convenience so that you can trace your claims online. After you register your MyUI account, you will be able to check your benefits according to your eligibility and check status of your claim. You can also view other important information such as reviewing and editing your profile, checking payment history, and making payments.

Since the active-period of your claim is one year, you can apply for payments any time during it. If you get a job during this period, you will just have to stop filing for claim payments. If you become unemployed during the period of one year, you can apply for payment at any time.

In case you want to cancel your claim, you will have to call or write to customer services. You will have to do it within 12 days of filing your claim. When you cancel a claim, it stops existing in the system and you can never reopen your claim. If you have to receive UI payments, you will have to file a new claim.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants will have to meet various eligibility requirements in order to receive program benefits.

  • You must be a resident of state of Colorado
  • You must be a U.S citizen, a permanent resident or a qualified alien
  • You must be unemployed
  • Your loss of employment should not be through your own fault
  • You must be willing and ready to accept appropriate work

Applicants must also be legal citizens or meet the required immigration guidelines. Children born to mothers enrolled in the AIM program are also accommodated in this program. Minors and their siblings without parents qualify on their own; however, guardians and foster parents of such children are exempted from the income guidelines.

Colorado Unemployment Insurance program will investigate your eligibility through information obtained from you and your employer. The facts collected will be evaluated to check applicant's availability.

Weekly Eligibility Requirements

The program will check your weekly eligibility when you file Unemployment Insurance UI claim. You will have to be physical available and agree to work. You will also be required to document your progress at seeking appropriate work.

In case you are filing a UI claim for a full-time employment, you will have to be available immediately to work full-time at the time of making such claim.

Determining Eligibility Through Co-Work Force Tool

You can easily determine your eligibility for the program and calculate the amount of benefits you will be receiving using a tool from Co-Work Force. You should use this tool to calculate amount of insurance benefits before you file a new claim. You will just have to provide information about your wages during different period and the tool will calculate amount of benefits you will be eligible to receive.

Unemployment Application Instructions

There are number of ways to apply for Colorado Unemployment Insurance.

Apply Online: You can apply online for Colorado Unemployment Insurance by clicking here. The online application form will require certain information such as your Social Security Number, mailing address, and information about your employer. You will also be required to provide information about your union hiring hall and your alien registration number, if applies. Make sure you have all this information with you when completing online application.

Apply by Phone: You can also make a claim through phone by dialing (303) 318-9000 for the metro area and (800) 288-5515 for outside-metro area. You will receive complete instructions and will be asked for information in order to begin your claim.

When you file a claim, you will have to provide information as to your employment and its reason to quit it. Although you have the right to quit job at any time and for any reason in the state of Colorado, you will only be able to process claims through Colorado Unemployment Insurance if the employment didn't end due to your fault.

Your unemployment benefits will only begin at the time of filing a claim. You can't claim any benefits for a period preceding date of filing your claim.