Colorado OAP Application Information

Colorado's Old Age Pension is available to individuals aged between 60 and 64 without any dependents who are disabled or blind as defined under the Social Security Administration's standards (SSA). According to SSA, a person with disability is an individual who has a long-term or permanent disability that largely interferes with at least one major life activity. A major life activity is defined as one in which a person without the disability can do with little or no effort for example walking and talking. Physical or mental illnesses are regarded as total impairment and must last for at least 12 months. The medically determinable disability is one in which anatomical or psychological impairments are easily shown through laboratory or clinical assessments. Adults in Colorado receiving SSA's Supplemental Security Income automatically receive health benefits through Colorado Old Age Pension (OAP).

Senior citizens aged 65 and above qualify for Medicaid if they are receiving Supplemental Security Income or Old Age Pension through Colorado's social services plans. Residents must meet the age limitations with annual income less than $700. Applicants must not own personal and real estate property exceeding $2,000 or $3,000 per couple.

Individuals who meet Colorado Old Age Pension (OAP) program requirements may receive an extra payment to bring their total gross income to $700. The payment is determined based on the difference between the extra payment amount received and the applicant's total gross income. The extra amount income sources include Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, wages, pensions, gifts of more than $25, annuities, interest payments, disability benefits, workman's compensation or unemployment.

Persons not previously enrolled for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are eligible may be mandated to apply. Those who receive SSI and apply for OAP, will have the first $20 of income from any source disregarded for gross income calculations. That means any person who has SSI can have a maximum monthly income of $719 including the OAP payment.

The Program provides coverage for:

  • Outpatient services
  • Emergency transportation services
  • Medical supply services
  • Hospice and home health services
  • Lab and x-ray services
  • Emergency dental services
  • Pharmacy services

It is good to note that provider refund rates are below those made by Medicaid and that a number of providers may not accept it as a coverage source. Always check with your providers to make sure they are willing to accept this coverage before any service is rendered. More information regarding OAP can be found here, on the official Colorado government page.

Eligibility Requirements

To determine eligibility, an application must be completed with verification of income, resources, expenses, Social Security number(s), proof of lawful presence and a signed affidavit. An interview will determine if any further verification is required. Bring as many of the following documents as possible. Do not wait to apply if you do not have all verifications needed. You can gather needed information after your application has been received.

Proof of age such as:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship, such as: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Baptismal Certificate, Naturalization Papers, Passport, or Alien Registration Papers.
  • Proof of Colorado residency, such as: Client Statement, Rent Receipt, Lease Agreement, Mortgage Statement, Voter Registration, Utility Bill, Phone Bill.
  • Proof of you and your spouse's gross income, such as: Payroll stubs, verification of social security and SSI, Tax return, letter from employer.
  • Proof of other income or checks you receive e.g. child support, alimony, self-employment, financial aid.
  • Proof of resources, such as: Cash, Checking/Savings/Certificate of Deposit Bank Statements.
  • Letter from the Bank, Statements for investment accounts, stocks, bonds, Vehicle Registration (vehicles, boats, motor homes, etc.), Letter from Broker, Life Insurance Policy, Letter from Life Insurance Company, Burial Contract or Policy, Tax Return, Letter from County Assessor's Office.

Re-Determination After every year it is mandatory for all OAP recipients to have their eligibility re-assessed. During re-determination, if the situation has not changed, generally a paper re-determination can be mailed. Otherwise, a full re-determination must be done, which may involve a one on one meeting with the county department of social/human services.

OAP Application Instructions

There are several options available for filling out an application for assistance in Colorado.

1. Online: Visit to apply online. PEAK is a secure web site run by the State of Colorado, and is available in both English and Spanish.

2. In-Person: Visit any County Human Services office to apply at a computer kiosk and County workers are always available to assist. If unable to visit a County office in person due to reasons such as disability, you may send a trusted representative to apply and be interviewed on your behalf. You must designate that individual as your trusted/ authorized representative in writing.

3. By Mail: Visit, download the application document and print. Fax, mail or deliver it in-person to your County Human Services offices. Application is available in English and Spanish.

You can also make inquires over the phone by calling your counties Human Services Customer Service hotline. You can find the number for your county listed here.