Arizona LIHEAP Application Information

Arizona LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) offers assistance to low-income families so that they can pay their heating and cooling bills, get support for weatherization against rigorous weather and get aid for utility equipment repair and replacement. LIHEAP offers these benefits through different child programs such as Utility Repair, Replacement and Deposit (URRD) program, utility discount programs.

Arizona LIHEAP is federally funded but funds are distributed through Community Action programs. Applicants will have to contact their local community action program to forward their applications for the program. Community action program will determine applicant's eligibility and distribute aid according to applicants' household income, number of people in the household, and cost of energy for the household.

If an applicant meets program eligibility requirements, he/she can receive help to pay current and pending energy bills, help with utility deposits, and aid for improving energy efficiency by repairing/replacing energy equipments. The eligible households will also receive support and assistance to reduce their energy use through implementation of weatherization techniques.

Arizona LIHEAP helps households pay their energy bills when household income is below the program limits. Low household income can be due to loss of income, medical expenses, or failure to find work. The program also provides support for households that are facing a threat of disconnection due to unpaid utility bills.

Arizona LIHEAP counts income for last 30 days for each member living in the household to determine whether a household meets income guidelines or not. Applicants should bring certain documents that can be used for income verification so that the process can be completed quickly. Applicants will also have to bring some other documents to provide their general eligibility criteria such as citizenship, residency, and responsibility for paying utility bills. If a household if paying its utility bill as a part of rent, it will have to bring its rental dead to verify the fact.

Arizona LIHEAP doesn't provide help throughout the year. In fact, the program only provides aid once in a calendar year. Those anticipating a possible problem with their utility bills should contact their local community action program at the earliest to receive aid in time.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive benefits through Arizona LIHEAP, applicants will have to meet the following basic criteria

  • Be U.S citizens or legal immigrants

  • Be resident of Arizona

  • Have household income with program income guidelines

  • Need income support for paying utility bills, weatherization, or replacement/repair of equipment

Income eligibility

Households looking to receive benefits through Arizona LIHEAP will have to meet the following income guidelines.

Number of people in household Annual household income

  1. $22,340

  2. $30,260

  3. $38,180

  4. $46,100

  5. $54,020

  6. $61,940

  7. $69,860

  8. $77,780

If your household has additional members, then you can add $79,920 for each additional member.

LIHEAP Application Instructions

To apply for LIHEAP in Arizona, you will have to contact your local community action program (CAP). You can find your local CAP office using this list.

When going for an interview, make sure that you are taking the following documents with you for quick decision on your application.

  • Proof of your citizenship or legal status of immigration

  • Proof of your residence

  • Proof of identity for every member of the household

  • A copy of current utility bill

  • Documentation to prove household income

If you are unsure about exactly what documents to take, contact your local CAP office.