Arkansas Food Stamps Application Information

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as Food Stamps, provides income support to the low-income families so that they can meet their basic food needs. Arkansas Food Stamps (SNAP) provides aids to low income families in state of Arkansas so that they can buy nutritional food and stay healthy.

Families living in the state of Arkansas and having low income and eligible for the program will receive an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. Families with EBT card will be able to purchase permitted food. Permitted food includes seeds and plants that can grow and become consumable food. Families can also buy other food items but SNAP doesn't permit buying paper goods, cleaning products, household items, tobacco and alcohol beverages, vitamins and medicines, hot foods, foods to be consumed instantly, and personal care items.

Families looking to receive Food Stamps (SNAPS) will have to meet various eligibility requirements. Once a family meets the requirements, it will be able to receive benefits within 30 days. However, families on little or no income will be able to receive SNAP funds within 7 days of getting approval.

Residents of Arkansas can apply for SNAP benefits through Access (online) or visit their local DHS office to get application and apply in person. It is also possible to apply through fax or email. After filing the application, DHS will send an interview schedule to determine eligibility. Once cleared, SNAP benefits will start right away.

Although the final decision about SNAP/Food Stamps eligibility lies with DHS, households can easily determine their eligibility before applying for SNAP using Screening Tool available at Access website. Households will have to meet certain income and resources criteria in addition to passing general eligibility test.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the program, families will have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be residents of state of Arkansas to receive SNAP benefits in Arkansas.
  • Applicants will have to be U.S citizens to receive SNAP benefits. In some cases, legally admitted non-citizens will also qualify to receive SNAP benefits.
  • Only lawful SNAP households will be able to receive food stamp benefits. Lawful SNAP households are individuals living together, buying food together, and preparing meals together.
  • All members of household will have to register for work, provided they are between the age of 16 and 59. If an individual is exempt from work through disability or taking care of dependent child under age of six, the SNAP work compulsion does not apply.
  • All members of the household will have to provide social security number (SSN) before they can apply for the program.

You can also use the online Screening Tool Here.

Income and Resources Eligibility

Households will have to meet the following resource and income eligibility in order to receive SNAP benefits.

  • Households are allowed to have up to $2,000 in countable resources. Households with resources over this limit won't qualify for Food Stamps.
  • If at least one person in the household is disabled, or over 60 years of age, the limit for countable resources is $3,250.
  • Some resources are not counted for the purpose of SNAP eligibility such as home, resources of people who are on TANF or SSI.
  • Unless all members in the household are receiving TANF or SSI, households will have to meet certain income eligibility criteria to receive Food Stamps benefits. Households will have to meet income criteria for both net and gross income but if a household has disabled or elder person receiving certain type of disability payments, then only net income eligibility has to be cleared.
  • Households will have to have gross monthly income below 130% of the poverty level. For net income eligibility, the income has to be at or below 100% of poverty level.
  • Households are also allowed certain deductions before their income is put through eligibility test. These deductions may include a 20% deduction from earned income, medical expenses of elderly, child support payments, shelter and homeless costs.

Food Stamps Application Instructions

If you are eligible to receive Arkansas Food Stamps (SNAP) benefits you can follow any of these processes to apply for benefits.

Online Application

You can apply online for Arkansas Food Stamps by going to Arkansas Access website. Here is a link to the online benefits Access portal for food stamps: Click New User if you're applying for the benefits for the first time through Access. If you're a returning user, you will find a link to sign in to your account.

Apply in Person

To apply in person, you will have to visit your local DHS Office. You will get an application there. You can fill and return the application to apply for SNAP benefits.

To find your nearest local DHS office, you can use this listing:

Apply by Mail or Fax

You can also apply through mail or fax for Arkansas SNAP benefits. You can download application from the links below and send them to your local DHS office through mail or fax. Here are the links for application forms:

Finding Food Service Locations

Every county has multiple SNAP locations. You can find specific locations near you, using the SNAP retailer locator on the federal site locator website: You can contact your specific county to learn more about the SNAP retailers in your area as well as ask for a paper form or any other information about related cash assistance programs.