Alabama LIHEAP Application Information

Alabama Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides income support for households unable to pay their utility bills due to income being below program guidelines. The program offers priority to low-income households with elderly, disabled, or infants. The program provides its benefits through community action agencies. Some local non-profit agencies also participate in Alabama LIHEAP. These agencies have offices throughout the state.

The program targets low-income households that have huge energy costs due to large family size. These households are typically unable to afford their energy costs since household income is low.

Alabama LIHEAP offers help to these low-income households so that they can meet cost of energy. The program covers both heating and cooling costs. Eligible applicants will also receive grants to improve efficiency of their heating and cooling equipment in order to reduce energy bills by making efficient use of available resources.

If a household has income below 150% of the poverty level, it may qualify for receive Alabama LIHEAP benefits. The applicants will also have to meet other program requirements such as they should have a genuine need to for help with utility bills, and their energy costs should be high. The local community action agency will evaluate applicants based on these eligibility requirements and decide whether a household qualifies to receive LIHEAP grants or not.

The program offers assistance through the rigorous summer and winter months. Households unable to pay their heating and cooling bills will be receiving regular aid as well as special aid in case of crises. A household in threat of losing energy connection is considered to be facing energy crises. All the community action agencies in Alabama offer both regular and crises help through LIHEAP.

To receive these benefits, household will have to make a formal application at their local community action agency and take their latest utility bill with them. Applicants will receive aid once they prove their income to be below the federal poverty level and meet other requirements for Alabama LIHEAP. The program only provides aid once throughout the year. It is usually sent to the utility company directly but in case of crises assistance, the household may receive the aid instead of it going to the utility company.

Eligibility Requirements

Households looking to receive assistance with energy costs will have to meet Alabama LIHEAP requirements. If they qualify for the program, they will receive a one-time grant, which is sent directly to the utility company, except for a crises scenario.

Households will have to meet the following criteria

  • Be a U.S citizen of a legal immigrant

  • Be a resident of the state of Alabama

  • Be in a genuine need for help with energy costs

  • Meets the household income requirements for the program

Income guidelines

Here is the income chart for Alabama LIHEAP.

Number of people in household Gross annual income limit

  1. $16,755

  2. $22,695

  3. $28,635

  4. $34,575

  5. $40,515

  6. $46,455

  7. $52,395

  8. $58,335

If you have additional people in the household, please add $5,940 for each person in annual gross income limit to find out household income requirements according to size of your household.

If an applicant is already receiving benefits through TANF, SSI, or SNAP in Alabama, then it can automatically qualify for LIHEAP benefits in Alabama

LIHEAP Application Instructions

To apply for Alabama LIHEAP, you will have to contact your local community action agency. You can find an agency office near you using this link.

Alternatively, you can also call 1-800-392-8098 and ask for phone and address of your local community action agency.

When visiting your local agency to apply or LIHEAP, make sure that you are taking documents with you that are needed for determining your eligibility for the program. These may include your identity, proof of residence, proof of income, and utility bills.